If you are bothered by the sound of people chewing, you may have misophonia

Chewing gum, chewing someone with an open mouth, listening to a broken record. There are sounds that bother us all, but the people who live with misophony It really is worse than the rest.

What is it? It is an aversion to certain sounds, some as everyday as breathing or listening to the click of a pen. Far from being a mental or psychological issue, it is a physical condition that can greatly affect those who suffer from it.

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For a long time this problem has been considered a psychological issue that really was in people intolerant of others, as if they decided to hate those sounds or seek to belittle them sonorously. Thanks to the journal Current Biology, which published the studies of the University of Newcastle, the opposite was proved.

When making magnetic resonances to people with and without misophony, they discovered that people who suffered from the problem and listened to sounds that were intolerant to them, showed changes in brain activity, since they have a difference of development in the frontal lobe of their brains. This forces them to feel anxiety or irritation when listening to specific sounds.

Among the consequences of hearing sounds like the incessant dripping of water, someone chewing or the creaking of a door, people with misophonia showed excessive sweating and increased heart rate. Although this seems irrelevant, it is a great advance, because for a long time People with this problem were labeled as intolerant and exaggerated, but at last it was possible to show that their brain really acts differently.

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The extreme case

Unlike misophony, hyperacusis is a debilitating auditory syndrome that turns everyday sounds into something completely painful. People who suffer from it begin to suffer when listening to loud sounds. Thus, they lose the ability to live in crowded cities where the sound of the subway, planes landing or the immense amount of noise pollution can cause them great pain.

Both problems can be mitigated by using special headphones that plug the external sound, although that is just a quick way to avoid problems. The best thing is that these people look for experts who can help them, both physically and psychologically, because having the ability to listen, but suffer each time they do, implies a problem that goes beyond the physical, becomes a question social and spiritual

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