If you are a man and you have these symptoms, be careful: it can be a heart attack

A true story: a man has a strong stomachache and he tells his friends. They tell him not to worry, laughing, that it will probably be something he has eaten. The next day you are hospitalized of urgency because he has suffered a heart attack. Luckily, they operate successfully and everything remains in a scare, but the anecdote gives a life lesson: do not trust your friends and always ask for a second opinion. Yes it is to the doctor, best.

The cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of death in the world, composing the dreaded group of the "three ces" with cancer and driving accidents. It is estimated that in 2012 17.5 million died of people due to heart disease, which represents 30% of the deaths registered in the world. They affect to a greater extent the countries of medium or low income and almost equal to men than women.

Do you start to feel pain in the arms, shortness of breath, toothache and headache or nausea? Consult a specialist

Prevention is important, yes, and a few minutes can make a difference, but how do you know sometimes that you are suffering a heart attack? Unfortunately it is complicated, as in the case of the man whose stomach hurt, to know what happens inside our body. For that reason the magazine 'Best Life' has decided List some not so common symptoms, which men usually experience when they are suffering this cardiovascular problem. So, if you identify any, you can seek help in the shortest possible time.

Hot flushes and dizziness

Approximately 45% of men who are suffering a heart attack suffer these symptoms, according to research carried out in Canada in 2013. Women who go through menopause are not the only that can suffer these heats, and if you also break in a cold sweat and have a chest pain that accompanies you, begins to suspect. It could be a scare, but just in case.

Arm and shoulder pain

Another classic. Heart attacks can have a wide range of symptoms, but undoubtedly the discomfort in the shoulder and arm is one of the most common, although it does not affect the thorax or your chest does not hurt.

It is usually the left side, since the heart is on that side, but some patients have claimed to have felt pain in both.


They would not have to require a trip to the dentist. According to the same Canadian study, 13% of respondents suffered from severe tooth pain as the first symptom when suffering a heart attack. Go with an eye.

Nausea and daze

Do you feel sick to your stomach? Okay, you do not have to become a hypochondriac because maybe you have more to do the last piece of sushi that you found in your fridge and that I had been there for seven months. But if, on the other hand, there is no reason, be careful. It could be a silent signal that your heart is not working as it should, because during a heart attack the heart diverts blood of the digestive system, causing gastrointestinal problems.

In the same way, as your body does not work effectively, the main organs (like the brain) they get less blood and they do not work properly. You lack your breath and maybe you get dizzy. In general that daze can be distinguished from a less severe one, depending on the other symptoms that accompany it.


Another subtle but accurate symptom that you can thank for that poor blood flow. The glasses are narrow, limit the amount of blood your limbs receive and, therefore, these they go numb. In turn, you may also feel confused, because according to the American Heart Association, heart failure accepts directly the amount of sodium in the blood.

Difficulty to sleep

Sleep problems are not just a risk factor for heart disease, they are also a symptom. Shortness of breath and palpitations are often associated with this problem, which sometimes has as precursors to sleep apnea, orthopnea or insomnia, for months prior to the attack. The good news is that when you treat the problem, these disorders disappear.