If you always have cold hands, you should know this

Many times our body acts in ways we do not understand. For example, even when it is very hot, our hands feel cold. This is not uncommon, because it is one of the ways in which our body regulates body temperature and that does not have to worry at all.

However, if the cold hands become a frequent annoyance, it may be something else. Sometimes we have to pay attention to the temperature of our body, our feet and our hands to understand what is happening. Here we tell you what can be treated.

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The evil that afflicts many today. Anxiety causes sweating and makes the hands feel cold. The worst thing is that, feeling anxious, we feel the effect on our hands, which makes us more nervous and makes us sweat more. Thinking about the problem only aggravates it.

Raynaud's syndrome

This syndrome causes the blood vessels to constrict unsuspectedly, which causes a lack of circulation in the hands and feet and creates that cold sensation. Although the origin is unknown, one in 20 people suffers from it and is four times more likely to occur in women.

The syndrome usually appears before age 40 and requires medical attention to relieve symptoms.

Symptom of other diseases

This is the reason why we should not let time pass if the problem begins to be common. Cold hands can be a symptom of problems such as fibromyalgia, which is pain in the muscles and fibrous tissue; or a pulmonary emphysema that, by the way, is accompanied by a change of color in the skin or causes the nails to look purple. It can also be one of the first symptoms of meningitis.

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The hormonal imbalance, the changes that we face with age and the work of our body to adapt to their new reality, can also cause this cooling in the hands.

Neither can anemia be ruled out, a very serious problem that often arises from malnutrition.

Remember: Feeling your hands cold from time to time is normal. Your body is a natural machine that adapts to different changes in temperature, but if you begin to notice that it is increasingly recurrent, assist the doctor and find the reason why it happens.

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