Ideas to renovate the sink area

It is often thought that making new adjustments can demand a lot of costs, because you choose to hire a specialized person. However, the same inhabitants of the houses can carry out notable, effective, modern and economical reforms. Learn some ideas to renovate the bathroom area!

Design and new fashion trends are two of the issues that are on the retina of the population. They generate intrigue, attention and plans for the future. This is how, day by day, new types of decorations have emerged and the house has become a place to explore novel styles.

Renovating the sink area is interesting, since it is one of the most important parts of the home. As it is one of the areas designed for daily personal hygiene, it is essential that it always looks good, transmits feelings of cleanliness, order and care.

5 ideas to renovate the sink area

The first step to take into account to renovate the sink area is the preparation. This phase is essential for the person to analyze and decide which are the elements that seem unharmonious and that need an urgent change.

In the same way, it is the moment in which the techniques that are going to be carried out are defined, as well as the design of the new elements to be added and the corresponding distribution. It is essential to make a preparation that allows you to consider all the details and establish a clear mental scheme of the result you want to achieve.

There are all kinds of ideas, depending on the tastes and the spaces to work. These can be considered from the simplest to some that require more elaboration to renew the levabo area.

As the sink is an area that is associated with cleanliness and neatness, the design should be oriented in that direction.

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1. Paint the wall

The mere change of the color of the concrete facade can be a starting point to notice considerable changes and give a twist to the sink area. The reasons are multiple, either because the current paint is in deterioration or because a new color appears on the market that stands out and makes a better accompaniment to the bathroom structure.

The determining point to take into account when specifying this idea will be select a good quality paint, which guarantees that its state is preserved and does not undergo changes due to factors such as humidity.

2. Paint the ceramic tiles to renovate the sink area

In another case, the person may be comfortable with the color of the facade, but believes that the tiles that are also located on the wall are worn. Despite this, it is not that they have already completed their cycle and deserve to be discarded. There are innovative alternatives to renovate the sink area with those same tiles.

The mode is very simple and effective, because what can be done is to paint those tiles to rejuvenate them and achieve a different look. To obtain the expected results, it is essential to sand, so that the paint adheres better; then it is painted with enameled product and finally it is cleaned between the joints of the tiles.

3. Laying adhesive tiles

There is no single way to renew tiles that have been installed for a while. Another technique that can be inexpensive and provide a unique design is purchasing adhesive tiles to install.

Some people may think that the tile painting system is time consuming and not enough for the radical change they envision. So they can use the adhesive tiles that are on the market with different lines or sketches to contrast and match.

In doing this, the wall needs to be cleaned so that the adhesive adheres smoothly and evenly. Afterwards, just remove the plastic from above so that the new style is carved like a tile. There are two presentations: some that occupy the entire length of the wall and others that can be placed box by box.

4. Wallpaper to renovate the sink area

A newer technique has appeared lately; it is the wallpaper that covers the entire wall and replaces paint. It has been chosen because the prints make the place take on a more modern look and not look static.

In addition, this idea allows specific places to be evoked inside the house and an original style is recreated with other types of textures. Vinyl wallpaper is recommended for placing in the sink area, as it protects from moisture and can be cleaned without damage.

Small objects and decorations are part of the design of the sink and are important at the end of the plan.

5. Furniture and accessories in the washbasin areas

When innovating, you can also think of a key element such as furniture. If you are looking for a renovation without major extreme changes, you can keep the same and paint them to fit a new style. If, on the contrary, you want to reform the place, you can include new furniture at affordable prices.

Small details should not be downplayed, since the inclusion of accessories decorates the space and contributes to renovating the sink area. Mirrors, shelves, dressers or towels provide more prominence, enhance the colors of the facades and finalize an excellent combination.

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Renovating the sink area involves planning and specifying

Some of the final recommendations to renovate the sink area are the following:

  • Do a good planning phase to select a great idea, adjust the budget and execute without improvisation.
  • Take advice from the technique to avoid damaging the products purchased and the washbasin area in general.
  • Look at all the details. From the largest to the smallest, it adds up to form a new space.
  • Multiple ideas can be used at the same time if space allows. That is, alternate the vinyl paper with the painted tiles if it is a good combination.