Ideas to make a wall organizer for your accessories

Having an orderly and organized home is the most practical way to take advantage of all your free time. For this the small details are also important. Thus, Discover in this article how to make a wall organizer for your accessories.

Throughout the years more and more accessories are accumulated, to the point of having them scattered throughout the house, in the bathroom, in the room, etc. We propose a wall organizer so you have everything organized and you can, in a single glance, know where you keep everything. You dare?

How to make a wall organizer for your accessories

Store junk

Over time We tend to fill each drawer or bag with more and more accessories. We have endless necklaces, earrings, lipsticks, make-up remover wipes, etc.

The bigger the bag, the more things we will want to put into it. And the same happens with every corner of our home. It seems as if we were afraid to do a thorough cleaning and throw away what we never used.

For this reason it is a necessity to create a wall organizer for your accessories. Once we have done it, it will be much easier to get used to leaving everything in its specific place.

But, do not forget, that from time to time we must clean up and discard what has no use. The systematic accumulation of things it steals time and produces chaos in our house and in our daily life.

At home you can have different materials to make an organizer for your accessories. You just need to use your creativity.

A decorative piece

An accessories organizer panel is not only a functional instrument of our day to day, but also acts as decorative element of the room. In this way it fulfills two essential aspects to show off the perfect bedroom: the organization and the personalized decorative style.

According to your tastes, you can be inspired by a multitude of styles to create your accessories organizer panel. You can give it a touch vintage, including drawings or transfers of photographs, opt for recycling (fabrics, cans, bottles, boxes, etc.) … The limit is set by your imagination.

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Wood: the perfect ally for a great organizer

If you love the idea of ​​the organizer and you need a large one, there are very original ideas that can be carried out in the most economical way: For example, with wooden pallets.

  • Just by sanding and giving a few layers of paint with your favorite color, you can have your accessories panel.
  • In your DIY shop they will cut the wood to the extent you need, and with a bit of carpenter's glue and a few tacks you can build it all.
  • It is not essential to invest in noble and expensive woods, there are very affordable wood types for all pockets. For example, pine, eucalyptus or, as we have said, wood pallets.

Wood is one of the materials that we can take advantage of to make a multifunctional wall organizer.

Distribute with common sense

Do not forget that you must evaluate the space with which you distribute your personal items. That is, before making the panel, make an estimate of what you are going to put, how you will locate it and how much. In this way you will avoid surprises later.

Always try to place what you use regularly in the most practical and accessible place. And do not keep jewelry of excessive value in this place so step. This will be more of a battle space to have at hand what you need in a practical way.

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The order is addictive

When you have the wall organizer ready for your accessories you will realize the satisfaction it brings. Putting more order in your life can be very rewarding and help you to fight the stress of the day to day for the little things.

When you have an excess of mental load, the last thing you need is not finding something. And the more hurry we have, the more nervous we will get. Thus, Organizing panels are presented as a simple and practical solution.

We can make them, as we have said, using recycled materials. However, if we do not have time or desire, we can also buy them. The important thing is to start ordering the little things, a very addictive habit but also healthy and comforting.