I used the menstrual cup for the first time and this is what happened

"Go to the cup" or "The cup has changed my life completely"These are phrases that I have been listening to tutiplén for several months. At least once a day, someone says loudly as if it were a song:" Seriously, you must try it "with a very serious gesture.

I, who was somewhat reluctant for several reasons, decided that the time had come to change the traditional methods (which, sincerely did not convince me at all) for this little pink artifact that promised to be the solution to – almost all my problems.

Since we learned that there was a cup called Ziggy Cup with which they could have sex, our life has not been the same. This model promised up to 12 hours of protection against bleeding, with a 'plus' highly praised for the most scrupulous. Goodbye to stained sheets if you wanted to get carried away during these days of the month. The invention (correct, inventazo) of the century. And there I went, quick and fast, ready to try this new cup. And not everything was how I thought.

Ziggy It is a cup for women with some experience. If you are first time, forget about it (and its 'plus' added). Its shape is different from what we are used to, it has a bag shape and it placed near the cervix. Once there, you can forget her. Its thin, resistant and flexible membrane makes the rule not an impediment when it comes to maintaining relationships. However, I didn't get that far. Although I tried several times, Ziggy resisted me. Neither the positions that the Internet recommended to me (that they had nothing to envy to the Circus of the Sun) nor the common reasoning achieved the success. I came to think that something was not right, not with the cup, but with myself. It was impossible for all the women in my environment to work less for me. Finally, I was not able to place it correctly, so my hopes disappeared in a heartbeat. No drink, no sex during 'those days of the month', but I wouldn't give up.

Moral? Ziggy Surely it is fantastic when you master something art (because yes, it is almost an art) of the cup, however, if you are first time, it is not your best companion.

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Something was clear: in no way would I lose the benefits of the cup. The solution after the first (and dramatically) and failed attempt? Find a drink for beginners. And yes, it exists.

Is called Lily Cup One and is the best friend of any girl who wants to start using it. It is small, manageable and folds masterfully. You only have to boil it for three minutes to put it on (always at the beginning and end of the period, when you take it out of its case and when you keep it). Voilà! My worries were over. It was impossible for me to go wrong with a drink for beginners.

Modern village explains the benefits of the menstrual cup.

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Error. After a thousand and one attempts, I could not introduce it. I put the scream in the sky, hands on my head. It could not be. Not again. I went to Mr. Google and indeed, I was introducing it badly. As Moderna De Pueblo has in his vignette, the key is placement. Once you get it, it's all done. A trick? You must fold it sideways.


And finally the magic was done. I recognize that the placement should improve, but as it is a new sensation, you should not be overwhelmed: little by little. Practice makes perfect and as time goes by, you will become a true teacher (at least, I think so and I hope). The best thing about this cup model is that it has a small portuberance that helps you get it out (in case you're afraid of losing it in there). It is totally hygienic and you just have to rinse it every time you take it out. Depending on your menstrual flow, you can take it more or less hours. However, well placed, it lasts a long time and not even the notes.

What did I learn with the cup?

The truth is that, in addition to being the most hygienic and environmentally friendly alternative available in the market, it allows you to learn a lot about yourself, your menstruation and what bleeding you have at the different stages of the rule. Using it, I had more awareness of gut pains and even, I can say that I had less than on other occasions (although this may have been pure chance).

What are the most frequently asked questions?

"Does it hurt?", "Can I wear it while doing sports?", Or "What size should I choose?" They are the most frequent doubts. According to him I Study on Intimate Health of INTIMINA, 57% of young women say "they have suffered negative effects on their body from the use of tampons and compresses," of which 37% "claim to have experienced allergic reactions, while 65% say they have suffered discomfort." So the cup is presented as the alternative with less impact, in every way, when choosing a method on the days of menstruation.

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