I spent a whole year without drinking beer and these are the effects it caused on my body

Let's face it: the Spanish people we are very brewers. Proof of this is that the consumption of this drink marked his record Historical in our country last year. It surpassed for the first time the 40 million hectoliters, a milestone to which it contributed that the hospitality industry has returned to the levels previous to the crisis economic, according to the 2018 Socioeconomic Beer Report.

But, although it is consumed so much because it is our means to socialize, most of us think of that beer triplet that will cause us to drink a cane followed by another. In addition, the alcohol consumption is not recommended – in general – under any circumstances, as explained by El Confidencial Iñaki Elío, director of the Degree of Human Nutrition and Dietetics of the European University of the Atlantic. The initiative 'One Year No Beer' (OYNB) -translated to Spanish as 'A year without beer'– pretend you know what would happen to your body If you spend a year without drinking this fermented drink.

The 'A year without beer' initiative has led thousands of people to quit alcohol and experience strong improvements in their health

The program encourages and helps its users to leave alcoholic beverages through a series of challenges, even temporarily. The main incentive they indicate to follow this program are the health improvements experienced by those who abandon beers on Fridays and drinks on Saturdays. According to data from the project managers, some 60,000 people have followed this challenge which is planned for three programs of 28, 90 and 365 days without drinking. On their website several of the people who have succeeded by following OYNB have their personal experience after a long time if they drink a drop of alcohol.

"I regained control of my life"

Sheri Brillhart drank several liters of beer and alcohol during the week. But after a year following this challenge: "I regained control of my life." "Me self confidence soared For the first time in a long time. My anxiety, stress, mood swings and anger were significantly reduced and I became a much happier person, "says this middle-aged woman.

"There was a series of Physical changes, but they did not occur automatically as a result of the elimination of alcohol from my life: I did not lose weight (I probably gained about two kilos in the first months) and my skin worsened for a few months before slowly improving. Until a year went by, I didn't experience a real change, "he says.

"The best decision I've made"

"Before joining OYNB I had not noticed that I drank so often ", says Lou Short, another of the users. "I drank wine and cider every weekend and sometimes I enjoyed bottles of wine with friends or alone at home. If I had a stressful day, I drank. If I had a good day, too," he exemplifies.

After continuing abstinence for a year, Short lost weight and got fit. Further, the relationship with her husband "is better than ever" and communication "has become fantastic."

Users can choose between three programs to improve their physical and mental state: 28, 90 or 365 days without ingesting a drop of alcohol

"I recommend starting with the 90-day challenge to anyone thinking of changing their drinking habits but not sure where to start," he says. "Start today! There is nothing you can regret. You have much to gain. It is the best decision I have made and I am very grateful to have learned so much from myself in this process, "he adds.

"I feel unstoppable"

Freddie Bennett-Willetts tells us that the first two weeks were difficult: "I felt ashamed for all my drunken mistakes, all the ghosts of my alcoholic past haunted me! surprised the amount of people who were surprised by my decision of not consuming alcohol, thinking it was stupid because they thought I was not going to get it. "

The progress of this young man was quite uneven and although he had ups and downs, he managed to run "a marathon on the 30th without alcohol and on the 140th I had a triathlon. "" I feel unstoppable, "he concludes.