"I prefer to be a single father": he canceled his wedding because his girlfriend did not accept his children

The Mexican man canceled his wedding because the fiancée did not provide quality care to their children. Learn about the story here!

Last update: 02 August, 2021

James Flores, a single father who resides in Mexico, had everything ready to get married but the story took an unexpected turn. The man made the decision to cancel the engagement because the fiancée was not willing to provide maternal affection for her 3 children.

The story was triggered on July 12, at the time that the protagonist offered a wedding plan through his social networks. This included a church, function room, tables, photographer, signs, drinks, pyrotechnics, and even a two-course menu for 200 guests.

In addition, he clarified that the celebration had to take place on October 16 and the price was 60 thousand Mexican pesos. This, since although he had paid 85 thousand pesos in advance, he hoped to be able to recover a part of the investment.

The intrigue that surrounded the subject was immediate and took hold of all the people who were surfing the internet. Because of this, the case went viral worldwide and buyers soon appeared.

"I am very grateful, I wish you a beautiful wedding and a long life as a husband," said the man in a video he recorded when he met the couple who acquired the plan.

In the same way, he took advantage of the moment to clarify the reason why he ended the possibility of getting married. Thus, he pointed out that the trigger was the poor acceptance that the woman had of her children of 9, 14 and 15 years of age.

"I have 3 separate children, I am looking for a mother who loves them and unfortunately she did not give them the attention that I wanted as a father," said James emphatically.

Finally, he expressed that he loves and respects women, but his priority is the well-being of his children. Therefore, what he has in mind is to share life with a person who gives them sincere affection.

"My children come first and I prefer to stay as a single parent, I am happy with them," concluded Flores.

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