I lost almost 50 kilos just by eliminating the added sugar

Carlise Demeritte He always had a problem: they underestimated her by her weight. No one took her seriously. Not only that, people used to tell him that he "got along very well," even though she didn't understand what that meant exactly. As a child she got used to being the biggest in her class, the highest, the heaviest, and teasing was frequent. I had no measure, would drink sugary drinks continuously and I had no exercise routine.

At age 14 he began to be aware that I was overweight and decided to start different diets, but failed again and again. As he tells in an interview given to 'Women's Health': "I couldn't compromise, I was continually starting with healthy lifestyle habits and then I abandoned them. "As in other similar stories, its turning point came a routine day. Something clicked in his head.

"I remember it perfectly," he explains. "It was in January 2018, I was up some stairs and suddenly I realized that I was out of breath and dripping with sweat. I hated the feeling that such a simple activity was at the same time so tiring for my body. For the first time I began to think I had a problem. I didn't want to give up, I had to follow a diet and a regime. "

Watching videos of other people who had lost weight or reading about cases similar to mine helped me not to give up

This is how this trip began with a one-way ticket. He cut with sugar, which was his downfall, and fast food, as well as fried foods or bread. Rice was also restricted. Keeping this pace of life completely different from everything I had done before, especially because of the history behind me, I knew I used to give up losing weight after starting some regimes. "That's why I knew it had to be something very draconian or I wouldn't get it, "he explains." I have to admit that watching videos of other people who had lost weight or reading about cases similar to mine helped me to continue inspiring me. "

His diet has varied a bit since it began. "At first I used to eatEspecially fruits and vegetables. For example, if he was hungry, instead of taking a snack he picked an apple. I tried to try intermittent fasting, but that is not for me. Also, I I used to drink two or three cups of green tea up to date".

"Now it has changed a bit," he adds. "I mainly eat lean meats and little bread. Of course, I don't eat anything from added sugar, although I do drink fruit, of course, because it has natural sugar, "says the great change experienced also comes from the fact that He has started preparing and cooking his own food. "The elimination of Carbohydrates (especially processed carbohydrates) from my diet helped me significantly lose weight. Each person is different, but in my case yes helped restrict them, they made me feel very bloated. "

On a normal dayTherefore, you usually have a green or black tea with turkey for breakfast, then have sauteed vegetables and grilled chicken. If you are hungry in the afternoon choose an apple or cashews without salt and for dinner the vegetables are the winners, or mashed cauliflower or ground turkey with broccoli.

The exercise

We always say it but without a convenient exercise chart, weight loss cannot be complete. Carlise He started doing tape and elliptical for an hour (he spent half an hour on each one). Later, when he acquired more confidence in the gym incorporated the weights and then changed to 45 minutes of cardio. "I work arms, abs, legs, back and buttocks practically every day, from active way", Explain.

Thanks to all that and to hard effort He has lost 48 kilos since last year. "Now I can climb the stairs without problems and not run out of breath. My life has become better, physically and mentally. It is a change in lifestyle. It's about learning Healthy habits and then practice them again and again. When you commit to making your health a priority you are already in The road to success"he concludes.