I have been a vegetarian for more than 15 years. This is what I have learned

If something has characterized 2019 is the rise of new forms of food as well as vegetarian. Either by moral convictions, health issues or mere taste, the number of vegetarians has increased exponentially in the last twelve months. A trend that will continue in 2020 and that will also transmute into other eating behaviors, such as the flexitarian diet, which, as the name implies, is not as strict and does allow the inclusion of meat products very occasionally.

If you are thinking of adopting this eating behavior, you should know that not only animals and nature in general will thank you, also your body, since a diet that does not include meat will free you from animal fats. But to learn more about what life is like under this diet, it is best to go to people who have already assimilated it to their diet and have been avoiding meat and fish for years.

It is very difficult to be vegetarian and lazy at the same time. I have a hard time getting home after work and having to cook

Today we are going to discuss the story of Harriet hall, journalist of the British media 'The Independent', who has published an article talking about his life devoted to fruits and vegetables. For many like her, it all started with a revelation or illuminating moment. "It was Sunday and I was eating a juicy chicken drumstick when suddenly I started getting into the animal's skin too much, "he says." At that time, my companions and I were protesting against the war in Iraq and we had become activists. That led to a broader awareness of other things and I wondered how I could help the planet and animal rights. "

From that day, Hall would never eat meat again. "It was a difficult start," he acknowledges. "Two weeks later, I felt very satisfied for having come so far." And since that time, he has spent 15 years without biting anything that came from the animal world. How have you managed to forget the taste of meat or fish, two products so socially accepted and present in the menus of all restaurants? If you want to emulate it, read these tips carefully.

"The first thing you should consider is how good legumes are, in my case, the lentils they are the ones I like the most, "the journalist reasons, highlighting their versatility when thinking about recipes. "I've crushed them to make hamburgers, I've done them in risotto and even Bolognese. "In this sense, he also values ​​the usefulness of one of the most iconic products in the vegetarian world: tofu." Anyone who says he doesn't like tofu is that he hasn't tested in all its variants: it does not taste the same, for example, fried than grilled, baked or stewed. It's impossible that you don't like it. "

Pros and cons

The biggest inconvenience? What surely all vegetarians in the world regret: having to cook. "It's quite difficult to be vegetarian and lazy at the same time", Hall acknowledges. "I have a hard time getting home after a day of work and having to prepare stew." So, unless you are a 'velocirraptor' When cooking, if you opt for this diet you will have to be content with a simple and frugal dinner.

I adopted this lifestyle before Greta Thunberg arrived, when animal rights were not so fashionable

"Many carnivores are outraged at the mere idea of ​​not eating meat. They are unable to understand the reasons of someone who likes it, but who decides not to eat it again," explains the journalist. "It just baffles them. But the alternatives to meat are great. Now, any supermarket worth its salt has a section entirely dedicated to fillets made of vegetables, vegetable meatballs and even fake chicken dice. This makes many of the dishes you like, such as lasagna or different types of pasta, still great gastronomic options even if they do not carry the blissful meat, which will make you feel that you have not given up anything and you can continue enjoying your favorite recipes ".

The worst are the people

Hall comes to say that the worst thing about abandoning meat or fish is not the option itself, but what you will have to fight for your environment to understand. In the end, everyone is free to do with their life, but surely if you have grown up in a family that the bacon of the stew always rushed with the bread, it will be very difficult to assimilate that you no longer want to taste any of their meat dishes that they prepare with love and affection.

But of course, Things have changed, and now more than ever there is a huge global awareness of the issue of environmental destruction, which is a clear argument in favor of vegetarians. "I adopted this lifestyle before it came Greta Thunberg, when being a climate activist or being worried about animal rights was not so fashionable, "he says.