"I have a daughter to support" his unemployed father goes out on the street handing out sweets and curriculum at the traffic light

Eduardo Duraes is another of the brave who has reinvented himself during the pandemic. Know its history!

Last update: August 26, 2021

Covid-19 has not only unleashed a health crisis, but has also directly hit the jobs of the population. A statistical analysis of the International Labor Organization revealed that during the first year of the pandemic unemployment worldwide amounted to 33 million.

Furthermore, many of the countries in South America have been some of the hardest hit. This is evidenced by the story of Eduardo Duraes, a Brazilian journalist and teacher whose employment situation changed drastically.

From the first moment of the unfortunate event, the man tried to contact multiple companies to share his profile. Nevertheless, Despite his excellent work and academic record, he never got even the slightest signs of a vacancy.

Photo taken from Eduardo Duraes' Facebook.

For that reason, he had to undertake another type of more direct search. That way, He decided to go out to the traffic lights to distribute his resume and some totally free sweets.

The unemployed father mobilized

Throughout the pandemic, one of the most recurrent sayings is that "you have to reinvent yourself" and Eduardo Duraes was encouraged to apply it. For this, designed a poster, hung it around his neck and began to walk the streets of his country with the intention of finding a contact that could help you.

"I need a job. I am a journalist, a teacher and I have a daughter to support. Can you help me?", is what this unemployed father wrote on the sign to expose his situation.

Photo taken from Eduardo Duraes' Facebook.

The event went viral because the same unemployed father decided to tell the story through his Facebook. Thus, it was updating the Internet users of what was happening day by day, it achieved greater diffusion and found massive support.

In addition, He took advantage of his social networks to make visible the situation of all the vendors he met at the traffic lights in Belo Horizonte. This, since it recognizes that it is a difficult job that many of the citizens ignore in their daily lives.

That way, Currently Eduardo Duraes has continued to fight constantly for his history and that of all those brave salesmen you meet.

What strategies to consider when looking for work?

First of all, when looking for work it is essential to remain calm so as not to lose motivation and continue with the clear objective day after day. What's more, it is important to design an excellent resume so that the recruiter knows the profile in detail and convince yourself that these are the skills you need to have in your company.

Also, just as Eduardo did, it is ideal to use social networks to expose personal knowledge, communicate interests and build new networks of contacts.