"I had hit bottom": this woman lost fifty-seven kilos

Almost everyone has had a rebel stage in our adolescence. We have skipped classes, we have smoked when we shouldn't and we have been a bit of answers with the authority. Most of us continue on the right track, but others dropped out and they continued through the bad life.

That is what happened to Gessi Parisi-Rodríguez. Despite being very young (he is only 25), some years ago he left school and played with the drugs (This was the point that made him realize that he had to change), forgetting that our body is a temple that you have to take care and cultivate.

"The first time I realized that my weight was a problem It was when I was eight years old. I heard my doctor tell my mother that the scale marked more kilos than I should with the age I was and that I needed to get on my way to not having a major setback. The reason why it was so difficult to control my eating habits is because my family has several restaurants and pizzerias, "the young woman assures' Women's Health."

At the bottom of the well

25% of the population in Spain is obese or have overweight problems and the growth rate of this disease is already as accelerated as in the United States (38% of adults suffer from this disease), placing our country in the second of Europe, behind the United Kingdom, with more cases than considered as the 21st century pandemic.

It is more something mental than physical. Bad habits will make you overweight, but you have the decision to change

Gessi left school and started taking drugs very young because his parents were divorcing. His general health was affected and his weight reached 114 kilos Every year she told herself that this year would change the course of her life, but it wasn't until she had a talk with your pastor when he found the strength to go.

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Why do I share this with you? I share this in hope that you will begin to believe that this is possible for you, too. . I know not everyone wants to lose weight, nor does everyone NEED to lose weight. Everyone is different. I get that. . So let this be for the people who want to lose weight. Let this be for the people who are ready to make that change. 🙏🏼 It’s been almost 8 years since I started trying to lose weight; not only for my appearance but for my health as well. (I was on my way to being permanently asthmatic, diabetic, with high blood pressure and hypothyroidism. Body positivity is all fun and games until your health takes a hit & plummets.) 🙃. I’m just now nearing the “goal” because I’ve had quite a few setbacks along the way (such is life), but nonetheless, I couldn’t be more excited about this stage in my journey! Only Not only do I feel so much more confident in my own skin, but I am also assured that I have a clean bill of health for the first time in my life — and THAT, my friends, is PRICELESS !! . How have I managed to keep 100 pounds off over the course of 8 years? Sustained Mindset Sustained Workouts Sustained Meals And something I just recently discovered (which I wish I’d ​​discovered sooner) … proper supplementation. Oh my good gosh, if you only KNEW the difference it made in your entire body & brain, you wouldn’t waste a second longer without it. . You can lose the weight, but to keep it off is a completely different ball game. It takes the same determination and desire to keep it off as it does to GET it off! . Oh, there’s so many facets to a person’s health. So many sides to weight loss. But there’s no need to over complicate this. What do you need to do to start? . Start walking Jogging. Lifting weights SOMETHING to get your body moving. Start drinking more water! (Seriously so important!) Start incorporating healthier meals and snacks into your diet! (Google is a wonderful tool!) And above all, never lose hope. . . #transformationtuesday #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #healthjourney #weightloss #exercise #wlcommunity #fitfam #transformationfitnation #weightlossbeforeandafter #extremeweightloss #weightlossmotivation

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He tried the vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, intermittent fasting, OMAD … But none of these plans was sustainableand. "As an Italian woman I need to eat meat, pasta and things with flour, so what really worked was the calorie count", he says. He tried to maintain a caloric deficit, which means he eats less than he burns." I can enjoy my favorite dishes whenever I want, "he adds.

This is your menu

For breakfast usually take a bowl of brown sugar, instant oatmeal, maple syrup and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Also a cup of coffee alone with unsweetened vanilla syrup and some almond vegetable drink.

25% of the population in Spain is obese or has problems of overweight and the growth rate of this disease is already as in the United States

At lunch take two homemade veal or chicken enchiladas and to snack, Sliced ​​pineapple, toasted wheat bread with butter and a banana. In the dinner Eat a turkey burger with low-carb bread and homemade chips. But what he likes most it's the dessert: cookies with chocolate.

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Here’s a little #mondaymotivation for anyone who’s stuck in their journey right now. That was me 7 years ago after losing about 70 lbs already and after just giving my life to God 3 months prior! 🖤 ​​You may ask why I always mix the fact that I lost weight with the fact that I gave my life to Christ, and that is because I couldn’t have lost weight without God’s help. Know I know it’s not a pre-requisite for people to lose weight, but it was for me. You see, I was a broken, lonely, and hurting person who felt powerless and hopeless in every aspect of my life. 🖤 ​​I didn’t have the strength on my own to change my ways, or discipline myself, or do what’s best for me, because all I knew was how to let others take advantage of me and how to give up. The Bible even says, who can bear a crushed spirit? in Proverbs 18:14. 🖤 ​​It was the LOVE of God and inner fortitude that He gave me that started me and sustained me on this weight loss journey. And this journey has NOT been solely about weight loss, oh no no no … it has been about so much more. 🖤 ​​The Holy Spirit healed my soul. I had so many wounds, I was believing so many lies, and my future looked so bleak. I can smile now without fear of the future, because I know Who holds my life in His hands. I can laugh with true joy in my heart, because I allowed the Savior of the world to salvage the broken pieces of my life. 🖤 ​​My life is not perfect, but my God is. He has given me every good thing I have, and He has carried me every step of the way since the first day I told Him, You are welcome here and You are wanted here. I give you my life. 🖤 ​​No matter where you are in life, I hope you’ll always remember that there is hope. I'm a living testament that hearts can heal, minds can change, bodies can transform, and spirits can be saved. While you're still breathing, it isn't too late. 😘 . . #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #healthjourney #weightloss #exercise #wlcommunity #fitfam #wwcommunity #weightlossvideo #plexusworks #extremeweightloss #weightlossmotivation #fitspiration #weightlossinspiration #video #fitbitversa #fattofitjourney #fitness #wlsupport #transformach #transformach #transformach #transformach #transformach #transformation

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In its training routine five or six days a week included walking for 30 minutes, although with the passage of time it ended up increasing the time up to one more hour. "Over the years I have learned a lot about health and fitness, so my training regimen is a little different now, although there will always be a special place in my heart to walk! In the gym I am jogging on the treadmill or sweating on the elliptical machine between 20 and 30 minutes, too I lift weights or use resistance bands to tone low impact muscles, "he says.

Perseverance and effort

Your slimming process It has been like a marathon. She knew there was a lot of distance to run and it wouldn't be easy, but she never cheated and was aware of the process she was doing. He struggled not to get discouraged and realized that he really everything can be achieved based on effort and perseverance.

The reason he has succeeded is that every time he derailed, he rose again. There were times when he stopped exercising, measuring what he ate and leaving his health again, but the next day he continued on the right track. He has lost 57 kilos and is still taking care of himself today to maintain what he has achieved and improve. "It's more mental than physical. Bad habits will make you overweight, but you always want to change the decision, "he concludes.