"I did not know I was going to have a baby until I saw his head": what is a cryptic pregnancy

The symptoms of pregnancy may not occur in mothers despite the fact that pregnancy develops for about 40 weeks. This is how every year hundreds of babies are born to mothers who did not know they were pregnant.

The cryptic pregnancies are those in which the mother she does not realize she was pregnant until the moment she goes into labor, according to Professor Helen Cheyne, of the University of Stirling, in the United Kingdom.

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Although it may seem like science fiction, you can find numerous stories of women who claim to have gone through one. One of them is Klara Dollan.

A day that was not very different from the rest, she woke up with abdominal pains at 4 in the morning, feeling the worst menstrual cramps of her life, says Klara.

After suffering great pain throughout the day, he went to his boss and said: "I have to leave, I do not feel well", and returned to his house.

When he arrived, after some vicissitudes, the pains began to repeat more and more frequently, until he could not stand them and began to scream.

The doorman and his neighbor came into the house without knowing what to do. They called an ambulance, but at that moment Klara's body took control and began to push, and to push and suddenly saw her head come out.

The baby was completely healthy and weighed 3.2 kilograms. "The first thing that came to my mind was how I was going to get this girl financially ahead and how it was possible that she did not notice any symptoms of this pregnancy", recalled Klara.

Cryptic pregnancies occur in approximately 1 in 2,500 pregnancies

"I did not feel your kicks because my pregnancy had what is called the posterior placenta, when the placenta is placed in the back and places the baby closer to your back"he explained.

The young woman said that although at first she had doubts about whether she could take care of the expenses generated by a newborn baby, "Life has never been better. Everything started to go better after Amelia was born ".

An article published in 2002 in the British Medical Journal estimated that the phenomenon occurs in about 1 in every 2,500 pregnancies, suggesting that there are about 320 cases of cryptic pregnancies in the United Kingdom each year.

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"This is not a particularly unusual phenomenon", ensures Helen Cheyne, professor of midwifery in the Nursing Research Unit, Midwifery and Related Professions of the Health of the University of Stirling in Glasgow. "It's weird, but it's not that weird", he adds.

According to British medical experts, "Cryptic pregnancies" mainly occur through self-denial. "If you do not plan the pregnancy and do not want it, it's relatively easy to refuse. Especially if there are no strong symptoms of pregnancy: maybe some kicks look like an indigestion, or that you have swollen or attribute the symptoms to a change of diet or environment " explains Helena Fetto, expert in obstetrics.

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