I did 100 pushups every day and this is what happened to my body

On other occasions we have shown you challenges like: "I have only eaten potatoes for a year and this is what happened", "I did squats for 30 days" and a long etcetera of stories of people who challenge themselves to get a goal determined.

Getting challenges is fun and healthy, especially when it comes to physical exercise. Thats why he youtuber MattDoesFitness has decided to show his own: 100 pushups for a month to see what changes They can occur in your body.

The pushups They are a fairly complete way of exercising, without the need for special equipment, and can be done anywhere. They work the entire upper body: pectorals, deltoids and triceps and help tone the abs, in addition to improving overall fitness, endurance and strength. For all this they are the classic option of the hard training of police, military and of all that wants to be able to give due cane although it does not have much time a day.

The first thing you should do is heat. Stretch your shoulders and arms fully to the wrist (not used to so much weight)

In fact, Matt has been submitted to the test of physical aptitude of the Navy Seals and, although it has failed, it continues with its fight and trying to improve every inch of its musculature. After the exam he realized that his weak point was the push-ups, so, disappointed with himself because only endured 46 in a rowHe decided to try himself and double that amount.

Hard work

Started by setting some rules. He tried his best to maintain good form, but admits that he sometimes avoided a third to half of his push-ups. He did them at the same time every day, giving you 24 hours of recovery, which admits that it was not ideal. And neither did his chest and other muscle groups stop working during the 30-day challenge: he didn't want to skip those workouts for a month.

There are many studies that have shown that this arm exercise It is one of the best for muscle building. The weight of the body itself gives us work done, in a way. Some believe it is too simple but in reality it is one of the most difficult workouts to do correctly, concentrating the tension in the right places and flexing only where and when it touches.

When youtuber started he could do 46 without resting, so he took two more sets reach 100 That had been set as a goal. The last day he was able to perform 61 of the pull: so his performance did not improve much. Matt concluded that push-ups are an effective way for beginners to build muscle, but to keep progressing, I would recommend that added some resistance training to your repertoire and start lifting weights.

Common mistakes

The first thing you should do is to warm. Stretch your shoulders and arms fully to the wrist. These joints they don't usually receive so much weight and you have to get them ready. Turn and stretch As if there was no tomorrow. Or as if tomorrow were push-ups.

This exercise is a fairly complete way of exercising, without the need for special equipment, and can be done anywhere

Don't support your feet too much. Put only the tip against the ground. Here they have no role to play (contrary to what happens with their hands) and it is no use exerting strength. As for the hands, the palms are not there just to hold the arm. In this exercise you have to be very aware of your position and use them at full capacity.

Separate your fingers well, which will give you stability and will make you work them a little, and do not put your whole hand completely glued to the ground, do more as if you wanted to tear the ground (the yolks stuck, but not so much the phalanges of the fingers). They should be aligned with the shoulders, do not open your arms anymore because although it costs less it is worse. It is worth doing well even if you can do fewer repetitions.