Hydrolyzed skin collagen, does it work?

You've probably heard before collagen, because it is one of the key ingredients in cosmetics, especially in wrinkle creams. But have you ever heard of the benefits of Hydrolyzed collagen for the skin? Lately it has become fashionable to take it as a supplement to improve the appearance of the skin, so much that it is one of the most sought after on platforms such as Amazon, although it is in pharmacies where it is more common to find this product.

Do youWhat is hydrolyzed collagen??

Collagen is a protein present in our body that influences the formation of skin tissue and provides density and elasticity in our skin. It is our body that is responsible for producing it, but its renewal is disappearing as we reach an age, which is usually around the 30, 40 years.

Now, pure collagen is a large protein, so it is difficult for our body to assimilate. That is why it is necessary to submit it to enzymatic hydrolysis so that its molecules decrease and manage to penetrate our tissues when we take it as a supplement. It is after this process when the hydrolyzed collagen is obtained for the skin or to strengthen the joints.

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Do youThe hydrolyzed collagen really works?

One thing is what these supplements promise … and another what the science. If we investigate a little, the veracity of the benefits of hydrolyzed collagen for skin falters. If we take a look at the studies published by the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency), the conclusion is that no evidence scientists that the shydrolyzed collagen supplements help to recover the skin elasticity or joints "There is no cause / effect relationship between the consumption of collagen and joint maintenance," says the highest authority on food.

Which leads us to think that it may not be worth investing in this product, since in addition the supplements of hydrolyzed collagen – which usually comes in the form of a pill or powder – are usually expensive. If we want to maintain good health in our joints and a radiant appearance on the skin, it seems that healthy eating and daily exercise are two keys that science, once again, does approve.

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