How you should exercise, according to the best trainers

If there are qualified people to explain or share advice about the Physical conditioning are clearly the personal trainers. From his position in the fitness center see everything we do right and wrong when we do exercise.

Your grunts, your sweating, the way you behave when you're on the treadmill, what you do with the dumbbells … but what common mistakes are they witnesses? How can you improve and train intelligently? They have the answers and since 'The Guardian' they have wanted to share them.

Are the stretching A scam invented by personal trainers? What myths Are they the most widespread? What techniques Are they the best to perform certain exercises? Pay attention.

In the gym

One of the things that these fitness experts complain about most is that the technique we use in cardio or bodybuilding machines is more than deficient. We do not lift the dumbbells correctly, we lean forward when doing squats or doing some repetitions and our posture is incorrect most of the time. Do it wrong not only leads to injuries but we are often working and struggling uselessly and We do not get any benefit.

The best thing you can do is to be aware that you should cultivate the body you have and not the one you think you should have

Ask the monitor of your sports center how to do things correctly and then do it slowly. "I would rather people do two repetitions of a full flex than 10 on their knees," he explains. Jermaine johnson, personal trainer. "It is always better little and good than much and bad. The impact will be better and your strength will increase. I wish people knew and worked for quality and not for quantity," he says.

Classes can be great, but be careful. Maybe be a motivating way of exercising, but most do not show the steps just a few seconds, sometimes insufficient to be able to do it correctly. If you just started, it's easy to go wrong. "If you are a beginner and you do an uprising with the wrong technique you will be in bed for three days with a back injury, "he says Bradley Simmonds, also a sports specialist. "The first thing you should do is talk to the instructor to show you how to do it properly, "he adds.

Work harder

It is possible that you are not putting all the desire you should. Many go to the gym, get on the bike and start watching their favorite show. If you can really concentrate well and pay attention to what happens on TV, you may not be working hard enough. "You must reach a point where you are out of breath and can answer questions but not have a conversation," he says. Sarah Overall, nutrition expert.

Sometimes Jogging is not enough. The National Health Service of the United Kingdom (NHS) recommends that adults 19 to 64 years old do 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, in addition to strength exercises twice a week to be healthy. "A simple walk in the park will not get almost anything," he continues. "If you feel that it is being too easy it is because Something is not working. You must wear yourself out to know that you are really making your body make an effort, "he adds.

Go out egos and get motivated

We hope you are not the one with the cutlery on top, but in all the gyms there is someone who stands in front of the mirror to do weights with the greatest possible kilos and growls like a dog. Others will put themselves on the bench press and try to drag the larger dumbbells too. "His technique is usually the worst of all and they are not only annoying for other people who try to do the exercise well but can cause damage because they want to look and feel like they are doing a lot, but it is not necessary to put that maximum effort on muscles and joints, "explains the coach Rob Ghanremani.

"You can train with fewer kilos. Not always more is better. Slowing the pace or focusing on your range of motion is more important. If you are going to do many repetitions it is very possible that the more weight you take the worse you do it, "he adds.

Static stretching is rarely necessary or effective. On the other hand, dynamic stretching is excellent for heating

In gyms it is a good idea to ask yourself: what am I doing here? "Everyone should be able to have your own goals for his body, "says Overall." If you want to be really thin and have a great body, I'm not going to make judgments about that goal. But there are many other reasons to exercise, whether for physical or psychological health, "he continues. In general, he thinks we should train for the body we already have and not for the one we think we should have." Really you cannot change your initial form. If it's pear, it will always be like this. You can reduce your body fat to appear thinner, but your lower area will still have the same proportion as the upper one, "he explains.

Stretch, yes or no?

A few weeks ago a BBC television presenter said that "stretching was useless and that everything was a hoax invented by personal trainers." What's the true about all this? Are they really a scam? Hannah Lewin, Women's personal trainer ensures that you should not heed these statements.

"Although sometimes they are overlooked, they have many benefits which include increased flexibility, range of movement and improved posture. Everyone should incorporate them into their warming and cooling routines to help the body to execute the movements and recover later"he explains. Ghanreman agrees, but only if" they really do well. "" Static stretching is rarely necessary or effective for most. On the other hand, dynamic stretching (in motion) is an excellent way to heat, since static retention is used only in moderation to access an additional range of motion before training, "he concludes.