How to wash your hands over and over again because of the coronavirus and not leave your skin on it even if you have atopic skin

Even a person who has never had a history of skin diseaseYou may have problems if you wash your hands more frequently than usual because of the coronavirus. But, right now, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of Health to the letter to fight against the coronavirus that hand washing has gone from being before meals and after going to the bathroom to something much more common. A change in our habits that causes the fatty layer that normally covers the skin is removed and thus dryness is generated and eczema.

"The best way to avoid these problems is the application of a moisturizer after each hand washIn this way, the lipid mantle of the skin is recovered. This simple gesture seems trivial, but it is vitally important ”, explains the Dra. Gloria Abad of the Teknon Clinic Barcelona and one of the members of the Doctoralia team. This is the recommendation for the general population, but how do you deal with skins that are already fragile due to suffering a chronic skin condition to the continuous washing of hands?

Dermatitis and psoriasis don't get along well with soap and water

No wonder the people who have atopic skin or even elderly people, who have drier-than-normal skin, feel that since this corornavirus crisis started, their skin situation worsens. In your case it is essential that they use hand washing soaps and moisturizers specially formulated for atopic skin. "But once the dermatitis is installed, the moisturizer will not be enough and specific treatments such as topical corticosteroids should be used. In our team we are working telematically and we can resolve doubts about this treatment, ”says Dr. Gloria Abad.

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The others harmed are patients suffering from psoriasis. Both psoriasis and atopic dermatitis are inflammatory skin diseases. In the case of psoriasis, in addition to the aggression of water and soap, rubbing is added, which is an inflammatory stimulus, so it is recommended to avoid rubbing your hands too much in the washes. "If new psoriasis lesions appear on the knuckles or palms (which is the most frequent) they must apply the treatment that their dermatologist has indicated for the rest of the lesions of psoriasis and in case of doubt, consult, "concludes the expert.

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