How to wash dirty clothes during a trip?

To wash or not to wash clothes while you are traveling is a question we all ask ourselves. We just have to organize the garments that we are going to wear and plan their washing following some very simple tips.

Last update: October 23, 2021

Whether it is a short or long trip, business or family, clothing is an issue that always generates doubts about how to proceed. It happens that most wonder how to wash dirty clothes during a trip without spending too much time in said activity.

The first thing we have to say about it is that you try, by all means, to wear little clothing. First, because you will travel with less weight and it will be easier for you to move the suitcase from one side to the other.

Second, because it is better to wash your clothes during your stay than to have to deal with so many clothes that you may not use later and you will have taken them unnecessarily. So let’s go over some tips on how to keep your clothes clean while traveling.

How to wash dirty clothes while traveling

When the journey is short It is common for you to be tempted to take a change of clothes for each day, thinking about not having to wash. However, if you are wearing fewer clothes and planning to wash them during the trip, you could have less luggage.

On the other hand, when it comes to long trips, doing laundry there is perhaps the only alternative you have. In any case, we prepare these tips so that you take them into account when washing your clothes when you are traveling.

Wearing as little clothing as possible is best. You reduce weight in your luggage and make the most of the luggage space.

Choose the right clothes

If you already plan laundry in advance, then try to wear clothes that are quick drying. If possible, they do not require ironing.

In this sense, avoid natural fiber fabrics, such as cotton. Although it is the favorite genre of many people, it is one of the ones that takes the longest to dry. The ideal is polyester or microfiber garments.

Find out the washing options available at the destination

Could you anticipate and review what are the alternatives offered by your destination for washing clothes. In some countries laundries are very common and inexpensive, so you would have the problem solved.

If you are staying in a hotel, ask if they have a laundry service, because if it is not very expensive, you could use it. In some communities it is common for locals to offer to wash tourists’ clothes in exchange for money and this option is also quite accessible.

Wash clothes on your own

If you have already decided that you will take care of the laundry, then let’s see how to do it. First, take with you small containers with washing products that you will need, such as liquid soap (or bar soap), stain remover, universal plug for the sink and a towel.

  • Dampen the clothes and scrub them with the soap.
  • Fill the sink with warm water and soak the garment for about 20 minutes. Maybe you can put it down longer and do other activities in the meantime.
  • Drain the sink and rinse the clothes well.
  • Remove excess water from the garment as much as possible.
  • Spread the clothing on the towel and then wrap it and squeeze as much as you can so that the water that has remained on the garment passes into the towel.
  • Finally, hang the clothes to dry.

In the case of stockings and underwear, you can wash them while you shower. Finally, do not put together several clothes, but rather try to wash as you get dirty.

Frequent mistakes when washing clothes

In case you have to wash your clothes while traveling, try not to twist it too much with your hands because you could damage it. Also, do not keep it wet, since not only will it take on an unpleasant smell, but also mold can appear and it will stain the garment.

In case your garment gets stained, don’t delay in washing it. The more time that passes, the more the stain will set on the fabric and it will be very difficult to remove it later.

Do not delay washing your clothes while you are traveling so that large amounts do not accumulate.

Tips for handling clothing while traveling

To keep your clothes clean for longer, try to bathe as often as you can to keep your skin clean and prevent garments from getting dirty quickly. With regard to drying, clothes should be completely dried overnight, especially if you hang them near a window or near the air conditioning.

If you notice that they are still damp, you could use the hair dryer to finish drying them.

Finally, keep in mind where you hang your clothes. Don’t do it on natural wood; In addition to damaging the furniture, your clothes could get stained with the ink from the wood. The garment is likely to leak, so make sure that the water does not run on rugs or any other surface that could be damaged.

Washing dirty clothes during a trip is a good option

As we have mentioned, thinking about doing laundry while traveling is an alternative that you should consider. If you plan to wash it, then you should wear fewer clothes and carry lighter luggage.

It’s just a matter of planning laundry in advance and have the necessary elements. We hope you can put these tips into practice and enjoy your trip.

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