How to use body language to seduce?

How should body language be to seduce? Is there any way to modify it? In this article we will talk about how important non-verbal communication is and how we can use it in our favor to flirt.

Last update: 19 January, 2022

We put body language to seduce on more than one occasion without realizing it; in fact, non-verbal communication has a very high relevance. Can we imagine what it would be like to communicate with someone without using gestures, eyes or body movements? The effect would not be the same; therefore, at the moment of meeting someone, its importance increases.

Many are the body language experts who affirm that this comes to have a weight of up to 70% in communication. Therefore, we will agree that it can help us, but also harm us. An inappropriate gesture or a show of obvious nervousness can destroy any possibility of seduction.

Body language to seduce: how can it help us?

Since body language is of great importance, since it offers a lot of information about ourselves, it is clear that we cannot ignore it. It is clear that at the moment of trying to seduce another person, nerves can appear, in addition to insecurities. Despite all this, we can correct our body language.

Nonverbal communication can make the difference between a good date and a bad one.

We just need to be aware of this tool that we have and that we don’t usually pay attention to. Well, have we ever noticed where our hands are placed when we talk to a person we like? Repeatedly touching your hair or chin, having any ticbeing aware is the first step so that body language to seduce helps us.

Just as we can eliminate certain fillers that we rely on to speak or use a specific type of language (or phrases) to try to seduce another person, we can do the same with body language. Nevertheless, It is not something easy to achieve and it is necessary to practice what we all know as “trial and error”. After several attempts, we will be fine.

Keys in body language to seduce

What do we usually look at when someone attracts us? Perhaps in the posture of his body, in his gaze or in the security that he conveys. This will be the basis for us to delve into all the keys that body language has to seduce. Authors such as Knapp, Poyatos and others have already dealt with non-verbal communication in depth, although we will take it to the field of seduction.

Maintaining eye contact matters

To use body language to seduce, it is essential to maintain eye contact both when talking to the other person and when listening to them. Doing so allows us to show that we feel safe and that we pay full attention to whoever is in front of us.. Avoiding the gaze would never be a great weapon of seduction.

The look is very important to seduce.

The body must be oriented towards the other person

In addition to eye contact, it is important that our body is oriented towards the other person. Sometimes, our nerves may betray us and we may turn around as if we wanted to flee the situation in which we find ourselves. Let’s remember that non-verbal communication can take away the value of what we say. Therefore, we must take care of the orientation of the body.

Hands must be free

When we are nervous, we don’t really know where to put our hands. This makes us uncomfortable and makes using body language to seduce a total disaster. Nevertheless, we can use them to increase our expressiveness when talking to the other person avoiding putting them in your pockets or fiddling with any object that could expose your nerves.

Arms should never be crossed

Crossing your arms is a complete mistake. by functioning as a barrier when what we want is to be closer to the other person. Therefore, we must avoid this and try to make the arms move freely and naturally. If we put them on the table or the bar in a mechanized way, this can play against us at the time of seduction.

Our body says more than our words

Although we are concerned about how to use body language to seduce, we are forgetting that when we are with the person we like, we ourselves are analyzing their non-verbal communication.

In the end, as the saying goes, “Words are carried by the wind.” But nevertheless, what we say with the body lasts and transmits. Therefore, its importance should not be underestimated.

A posture that conveys security and confidence, a look that shows that the other person interests us and that we are not afraid of interaction… all this seduces more than a phrase from a movie or that everyone says.

Taking care of body language to seduce requires work, but it can be achieved. We are left with this phrase by Peter Drucker that seems very accurate: «the most important thing in communication is listening to what is not said».

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