How to tone the chest and beautify the neckline naturally

It is one of the most delicate and feminine areas but Your skin and musculature is very fragile and needs specific care and some tricks to keep it beautiful and smooth. Take note of the best tricks to show off this summer and a firmer chest.

Choose your bra size well

This seems very simple but many women do not wear their proper bra size, According to experts, 70% of women wear the wrong size, and that leads to health problems such as pain, chest damage, stretch marks, discomfort in the neck, back or shoulders, chafing, bad postures … It is true that facing a large catalog of sizes, cups and shapes in a store can reach to be overwhelming but we are going to give you the keys to know your ideal bra size.


Grab a tape measure and surrounds the torso below the chest. If the result is 83 cm at 87 cm your bra size would be 85, if the measurement is between 88 and 92 cm you would have 90, if it is between 93 and 97 cm your size would be 95, and so on.

To know your cup, take your tape measure again and Measure yourself higher by now passing the tape across the chest at the height of the nipple. To the extent that you obtain the previous measure, the contour below the chest. If the difference is 15 cms you would have a B cup, if it was 20 cms a C cup, and so on and on and on.


Posture is key

Walking upright is a simple and economic tip that immediately stylizes but is that you will also correct back problems, avoid wrinkles and embellish the appearance of the neckline. If you spend many hours with your computer, make sure that the screen has a good height to avoid straining the neck and bend your back.

The position in which you sleep is also going to be a factor that causes wrinkles and sagging in the neck and chest. Try not to crush the breasts when sleeping such as upside down and sideways, and if you decide to sleep with a comfort bra, use a specific bra without hoops to rest without inflicting any damage to your chest.


Practice toning exercises

Swimming is one of the best sports that exist to tone your chest. The plates, the push-ups and the exercises with weights are also very effective to get a more turgid and firm breast.

Some Easy exercises that you can practice at any time are: Join the palms of the hands at chest height and press against each other for 5 seconds, repeat the exercise 5 times. Also at chest level, hold the opposite forearm with each hand and push out with both hands, you will notice tension in the chest muscles. Repeat the exercise 5 times.


Cosmetics and specific care

Not only the specific creams and their way of application are important to maintain firm and healthy skin of the chest and the neckline, the extra care as weekly exfoliate the skin of the area or finish the daily shower with cold water to tone the skin naturally, are fabulous tips to get an enviable neckline.

Protect your skin from the sun

The skin of the neckline is not usually exposed to the sun except in summer, nor the chest unless you do topless. It is a very delicate and fine skin that needs protection in order not to suffer the damages caused by the sun king, premature aging, sagging, spots, wrinkles, roughness, dryness and of course burns and irritations. Remember to spread your sun cream by neck and neckline and also on the skin of the chest if you are going to expose the area to the sun.


Do not relegate the special care of the neck and chest only to the summer months, Pamper and tone your skin all year round even if it is not exposed, is the best way to get to the summer time with homework done and show off a film neckline.

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