How to telework with children at home

If you are looking for tips to learn or improve performance when teleworking with children at home, stay with us because this article interests you

Last update: September 07, 2021

Teleworking with children at home is a challenge that more and more parents are learning. It is about reaching a balance between the time dedicated to children, to the partner, to housework and to work. Listed like this seems complicated, right? Well, it is not, the adventure will require a planning that allows to organize each one of the activities.

This last point will be essential especially when children have vacations because they will not have the occupations that the classes demanded of them and their demands will increase. From there it will be necessary to set clear limits for coexistence. On this basis, we bring you tips that will surely be useful to you.

Tips for teleworking with children at home

Teleworking requires organization and even having adequate spaces for work.

If you are a new father or mother in the world of teleworking, do not despair: you are facing a new and wonderful challenge. See it as a valuable opportunity to discover another way to take responsibility for commitments.

Perhaps at first it will be necessary to advance in trial-error mode because you will not know exactly how long it takes to carry out a certain task. This with respect to work, since time at home is relativized according to the family dynamics that brings with it certain interruptions.

Here are some tips that summarize what many have found to telework with children at home satisfactorily.

Planning is key

The first thing will be to plan the routine in advance. This will allow you to set priorities. It means thinking, for example, that you have to plan meals and if it is possible to make them in a single day and freeze. Specify the days that are going to be used for housework and outings to solve practical food or health issues.

Planning will help you see more clearly what are the hours you will have to telework with the children at home. It is not surprising that the most productive hours for this are the first in the morning or the last at night.

You can imagine the reasons: the dear little ones are resting or asleep and that leaves a margin of freedom that, well used, can be enough for what requires greater concentration.

Create spaces to spend time with children

Defining hours to enjoy with the family is necessary.

The time to share with the children on a daily basis should also be established and never skipped. The fact of being all together at home does not imply per se that they are already receiving the care they deserve and, even more so, the care they need to grow physically and emotionally healthy.

It is what they call in psychology dedicating "quality time", and this consists of the children having an exclusive space of the day. During that time, they will have their attention focused on them and activities and games will be developed that stimulate creativity while learning new things.

In this sense, you will have to measure the situations and after a few days you will already know how to project, on average, the dedication you require to fulfill your responsibilities. So, you can schedule family recreation.

Define roles in the house

Part of the success of the work undertaken will depend on the distribution you make of the loads. Each of the household members must fulfill a part of the tasks necessary to maintain order.

You can even include children in easily resolved ones, if they are already at an age that allows them to assume them. In any case, it should be clear that Mom is not the only one in charge of taking the helm of the ship.

The coexistence will be pleasant and of great value in the affective plane, if no one feels overloaded, but accompanied. It is essential that everyone, with their particular rhythms, row in the same direction whose goal is harmony and productivity in the family.

Maintain work habits

Maintaining work habits as far as possible, that is, something as seemingly natural as taking off your pajamas to go to work, should continue despite how irrelevant it may seem at first.

Getting dressed and groomed will help create a favorable climate to focus attention on teleworking. Of course, without falling into exaggerations: seek to be comfortable without abandoning physical appearance, since doing so could affect self-esteem and, in turn, affect your performance.

Delineate a workspace

It is essential to redistribute the spaces in the house until you get one where you can install the office, however small it may be. Doing so will guarantee the right place to perform your duties. Otherwise, you will be destined to permanent improvisation that would add wear and tear prior to working hours.

Without further ado, a table or a desk, a chair, and a shelf or a shelf where having the necessary objects will be enough to have an optimal area. It remains to talk with the children so that they respect her and exclude her from the magical places that the corners of the house become when they play.

Set limits

Until very recently, teleworking with children at home was an almost unattainable dream, especially for mothers, who sometimes had to part with their children at very early ages.

Now, when the extraordinary situation arrives, you have to take advantage of it and enjoy it to the fullest, but be careful: in the excitement of having everything under the same roof, you can be a rookie and let hours and hours go by anchored to teleworking, sacrificing family time, even more. than when you were not working at home.

Make schedules more flexible and promote recreational activities

There will be days when children will want to spend more hours in front of the screen and this does not always have to be taken as a negative. You can take advantage of the circumstance to encourage them to see a good movie or a series that you think is relevant. Or also guide them with literary, educational or musical content that is freely available on the internet.

Once on vacation, it is worth relaxing the pre-established rules regarding hours and game restrictions. Children are likely to want to spend more hours at leisure, which fertilizes the ground to promote playful and stimulating activities, such as painting, reading or crafts.

Teleworking with children at home, a reality on the rise

Teleworking is a reality that was already on the rise and that the confinement as a result of the pandemic ended up promoting. Families needed to reorder spaces and distribute roles in search of a single and efficient alternative that would translate into a win-win relationship.

Having a good work performance without sacrificing sharing with children and a partner became the goal. The good news for everyone is that many do. Now teleworking with children at home when they are on vacation, what seemed unthinkable, is today a habit that has been learned and should not be abandoned. To continue advancing and applying all the advice presented.