How to take care of the skin of your armpits to avoid spots and rashes

The underarm skin is a very delicate area, and although it seems that this area of ​​our body is quite hidden, it is not so. Just think of summer, or those days when you wake up with the feeling that you are going to eat the world. Think of the happiness of having achieved something … Raising your arms means you are happy!

Your skin should reflect it, don't you think? These tips can help your underarm skin always look soft, smooth and healthy.

1. Exfoliation

Those who usually perform skin exfoliation generally forget certain areas. And the armpits is one. But of course, the underarm skin also needs exfoliation, and even more than other parts, as it can accumulate dead cells throughout the day.

Of course: remember that it is a super sensitive skin, so you should exfoliate with products for soft skin and a delicate natural sponge. It is best to do it while you shower and when finished, wash the area with a moisturizing soap.

2. Shave at night

Many dermatologists say that the best time to shave your armpits is at night. Why? Because this gives them time to "recover." Think that the armpit area, during the day, is permanently exposed to sweating and bacteria, which can irritate the area after hair removal.

On the other hand, if you do it at night before going to bed, you will have time to heal and recover without sweat or any irritating agent and in the morning you can start your day without worries.

3. Choose moisturizing deodorants

Specialists recommend the use of deodorants that, in turn, contain moisturizing properties, in order to avoid the excessive tendency of this area to dry out. Antiperspirants that have aluminum are very useful at certain times (especially super agitated days). But it is best to alternate with softer deodorants to keep underarm skin in perfect condition.

For this, an excellent product is the new line of Dove 0% aluminum, which in addition to guaranteeing 24 hours of protection also takes care of the skin. It has 1/4 of humectants that soften the area and make it look better. In addition to avoiding irritation and having a delicious fragrance.

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