How to substitute eggs in recipes?

Eggs are one of the most used ingredients in the culinary field. Not only are they a source of protein, but they are also capable of providing texture and flavor. In both pastry and salty recipes, they are a regular feature. However, there are people who have an allergy to this food. Therefore, we are going to teach you how to substitute eggs in recipes.

Keep in mind that if you have to remove them from the diet, you not only have to find a way to achieve preparations with good organoleptic characteristics, but also you have to complete the protein and micronutrient intake. Do not forget that it is one of the few foods that contains vitamin D.

Reasons to replace eggs in recipes

You may have to substitute eggs in recipes due to digestive problems associated with them, as well as some allergy process. People who have an autoimmune reaction associated with the ingestion of these ingredients can develop anaphylactic shock, putting their health at risk.

In parallel, there are people who experience digestion problems, bloating or heaviness after consuming eggs. This is because a high intake of protein increases gas production in the intestine, which causes discomfort.

The advisable thing, in these cases, would be to level the daily protein intake so as not to have to suppress these foods. Another option is to perform a treatment for the microbiota based on supplementation with probiotics.

Eggs are a source of protein, the same protein that can cause intestinal discomfort due to gas production.

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Why are eggs used in recipes?

The use of eggs in recipes meets two needs. The first one is the ability of this food to improve the texture of preparations, as well as to provide unctuousness.

The second has nutritional reasons and is that the egg offers proteins of high biological value and a significant dose of vitamin D. This nutrient is capable of helping in the prevention of the development of certain pathologies, as affirmed by research published in the journal Annual Review of Medicine.

On the other hand, we must not forget that the egg contains certain lipids necessary for the functioning of the body. Despite the fact that these are of the saturated type, at present it has been shown that their consumption does not carry health hazards, as was believed in other times.

From the point of view of the organoleptic characteristics, It should be noted that the egg is capable of acting as a binder, helping to combine ingredients and ensure they stay together. It is also capable of generating a spongy structure when the preparation is subjected to baking.

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Substitutes for eggs in recipes

Next, we are going to explain what are the main substitutes for eggs in recipes.

Apple puree

With this ingredient you will be able to compact the rest of the elements that make up a recipe. You will also bring moisture, although you have to bear in mind that the end result will be noticeably less fluffy.

We will not be providing protein or vitamin D either, but we will be providing pectin and antioxidants. To substitute an egg, use a quarter cup of this puree that is made by cooking the apples in the pan and then mashing them in the blender.

Replace the eggs with mashed banana

It supposes a solution similar to the previous case, although perhaps the final result will have a more noticeable sweet. It is an optimal substitute for pastry recipes.

Keep in mind that you should use a quarter cup of this puree to replace an egg. Its preparation is very simple; you just have to mash the bananas to form a thick paste.


Yogurt manages to add moisture to the preparations, a touch of flavor and a pleasant texture. In addition, it is an element that also contains proteins of high biological value, as well as micronutrients and saturated lipids.

It is important that you use a natural one without sugar, so as not to alter the nutritional value of the resulting preparation. For each egg, use 60 grams of yogurt.

Nut butter to substitute for eggs

You can use the commercial ones or make it at home. In the case of opting for the industrial option, make sure it does not contain added sugars, as this will make the product unhealthy.

If you want to prepare the cream of nuts at home, put a good amount of them in a powerful chopper and be patient until you achieve a homogeneous and oily mass. Use 60 grams to replace an egg and try this mixture in baking recipes.

Agar agar

The agar agar seaweed has some properties that are beneficial to health, making it a marine vegetable option.

This ingredient stands out for not presenting a characteristic flavor, so it will not alter the taste of the resulting preparation. However, it is capable of improving the texture, increasing the rigidity of the preparation obtained.

To use the agar agar you have to dissolve 9 grams of the substance in 15 milliliters of water. With this you will replace an egg. On the other hand, do not forget that this component has proteins, but is lacking in lipids and micronutrients.

It is possible to substitute the eggs

Under normal conditions we do not recommend restricting eggs from the diet. However, if you are allergic to them, you may need options to replace them in culinary preparations.

With these that we have offered you, you will obtain excellent results, both in texture and taste.. It is important that you try them until you find your favorite. Also keep in mind that they may be more or less appropriate depending on the recipe in which they are used.

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