How to stay calm in difficult times?

Problems arise out of nowhere. You don't have to look for them; they already come to you. It is something difficult to accept and has nothing to do with bad luck. But do you usually lose control? Are they difficult to manage? If the answer has been yes, then you must learn to remain calm in difficult moments.

Plato, that philosopher we have studied at some point, once said that "The greatest and most important victory is to conquer yourself". We agree!

Therefore, although you are an emotional being like the rest of the people, your emotions don't have to overwhelm you when things get complicated. You can manage them to stay calm. Let's see how it will be possible for you to achieve this.

Importance of self-control to stay calm in difficult times

Before you discover the guidelines that will help you stay calm in difficult times, we want to talk to you about the importance of self-control. From the European Institute of Positive Psychology (IEPP) they explain that self-control is essential to prevent emotions from controlling you in difficult circumstances.

Desperate, scream, collapse, feel anger mixed with sadness. It is clear that in difficult times you can feel all these emotions. You know what? It's fine!

It is not bad that you feel them and you should not repress them. But you do have to manage them in the best way to prevent them from controlling you. This is not healthy and it will not make you feel good.

Managing emotions does not mean that you are not going to express them or that you repress them. Nothing of that. Emotions must come out and this is something that must be very clear.

A pent up emotion is a ticking time bomb. Sooner or later it will end up coming out and in the worst way. So do you want to know how to stay calm in difficult times? Well, here we are going to leave you some guidelines so that you can achieve it.

Emotions related to rage and anger are logical and expected, but we cannot let them control us.

Guidelines for staying calm during difficult times

Now that you know the importance of self-control when the circumstances around you become somewhat difficult, it is time for you to know some guidelines that you can implement to stay calm in difficult times.

Don't stress too much about putting them all into practice at once. Better go little by little.

1. Breathe consciously

It will seem silly and a recommendation that you are tired of hearing. But trust us it works. Breathing consciously will help you calm all those emotions that are appearing.

You are not going to repress them, but you're going to reduce their strength so they don't go out of control. Inhale deeply and exhale. If you can spend a moment alone somewhere, all the better.

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2. Distance yourself and disconnect

When there is a difficult situation it is difficult for you to see things in perspective. For this reason, after breathing, distance yourself and disconnect.

Try washing your face, taking a walk, playing for a while, doing sports, calling a friend, listening to music. Do something different Believe us, it will help you stay calm and cope better with problems.

3. Write what you feel

After specifying the above guidelines, take your time before writing down your feelings. Writing is very therapeutic and will help you put your emotions in order.

In addition, it will be a way to reread what you have written and analyze what you feel from a more objective perspective. It is a good way for you to manage your emotions. You can do it every day.

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4. Face the situation

Now you are ready to face the situation. You can do it from the peace of mind, without being overwhelmed by emotions and without finding yourself lacking in options.

You will see that there are many exits that at first you could not see. Despite the problems, there are always alternatives.

Be flexible with the circumstances and start proposing small actions that can bring you closer to completely solving the problem. Step by step you will achieve it.

Deep breathing is a technique that, although simple, allows you to take a distance from the situation to better understand it.

Staying calm in difficult times is vital

What do you think of these guidelines to keep calm? Have you put any of them into practice? Do not worry if there is one that does not work for you.

The interesting thing here is that you try what works for you and that you use it when you need it. We are sure that it will help you a lot. You will be able to face problems in a healthier way.

Besides everything, never hesitate to ask for professional help. Psychologists can help you manage your emotions taking into account what you need.

They will be able to send you to do personalized exercises that are more useful to you and you will also be able to analyze in depth what are the reasons why emotions overflow.

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