How to save while eating healthy

Eating healthy can be a challenge, not only because of the change that can lead to eating habits, willpower and reorganization of weekly menus, It can also be an extra expense on occasion, since organic food usually has a higher cost. We give you the keys so you can save without neglecting your healthy diet.

Home cooking

Eating out always means a larger outlay than if you make your meal at home and, although sometimes it is necessary for social reasons, going to restaurants every day is a considerable expense, especially if you go to healthy trendy restaurants. If you have a split day or the need, for logistics, to eat out, choose to bring a tupper with your healthy menu that you have cooked yourself at home. You will have the security of knowing exactly what you are eating and you can continue your healthy diet without skipping it and without incurring extra expenses.


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Plan your menus weekly

Very important to save this point. Planning your menus on a weekly basis allows you to optimize your shopping cart by adapting the products you need to prepare your dishes daily and do not buy food for more than then it takes days to use and ends up in the garbage can.

Sit on the weekend with your weekly menu sheet and start filling out lunch and dinner based on the food you have at home and which you are going to have to buy at the beginning of the week, these last ones point them in a list so that you do not lack any ingredient at the time of cooking. You can even cook one day a week, with the famous batch cooking method, to be able to eat healthy every day. It's all about planning.


Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables

Although in the current times you will be able to find virtually any food in all seasons of the year, it is true that in the natural time of growth of each food there is surplus and that is when they are better priced, so always choose to buy seasonal fruit and vegetables, which is also when they are really at their optimum ripeness and you can enjoy them more.

Another saving trick is make one day a week only vegetarian menus, so you can eat for example, a cream of vegetables with pumpkin and leek and dine a plate of quinoa with mushrooms and spinach.


Make a day meal

If you have leftover rice of that curry with vegetables that you made, some baked chicken, roasted peppers, sweet potatoes baked with spices, broth … Create a menu that includes those leftover foods to take advantage of the food, make a sandwich, croquettes, a varied dish … You will save time and money without getting bored because you will be facing a new preparation, healthy and agile to prepare.


Bet on real food

Generally, the processed ones are usually more expensive than the “real” foods, that is, it will be much more expensive to buy a hummus, a vegetable cream or a guacamole in the supermarket than to do it yourself, In addition you will save additives, sugars and preservatives that could be included in its list of ingredients.

Choose fresh products to make your menus, it is true that it will take you longer to cook them than to open a can or a container but you will eat healthier and your pocket will thank you.

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