How to remove pet hair from bedding?

Your pet’s fur here and there can be a real nightmare. Discover how to get rid of the hair that is stuck on your sheets.

Last update: February 24, 2022

Yes, having pets at home brings many benefits. But the fur of your dog or cat is not one of them, especially when they cover the sheets. Thus, it is normal to wonder how to remove pet hair from bedding.

The first thing is to keep in mind that there are many factors that influence the amount of hair that your pet sheds in the house, such as the food you give him. On the other hand, there are fabrics in which the hair is more difficult to remove, so you should know how to choose your sheets.

Tricks to remove pet hair from your bedding

Who likes to rest on a surface full of cat or dog hair? Almost no one.

Hygienic and health reasons lead this displeasure. For this reason, pet lovers must know how to remove the hair of our friends from any surface in the home.

1. Wash the sheets more often

Are you one of those who allows your pet to sleep in your bed? Nothing happens, you just have to take into account that the time to wash the sheets will be shorter. Keep in mind that some dogs drool, do not control their sphincters and can shed a significant amount of hair.

One trick to remove hair is to put the sheets or comforter in the dryer first; this will remove loose hair. Then put the bedding to wash as usual, to finish drying it with the help of the machine, to which you will introduce a couple of wipes.

The antistatic properties of these wipes are ideal for solving the hair problem. They will be in charge of repelling the fur and leading it to the lint trap of the dryer.

Pets force us to intensify cleaning at home.

2. Protect your thick comforters

If you plan to wrap yourself up in a thick quilt tonight, Ideally, you should place a light blanket on top.. This provides a surface for your pet that is lighter and easier to wash.

3. Use the vacuum cleaner on the bed

You may have already tried vacuuming pet hair from bedding; after all, it is reasonable. However, if it is not done in the correct way, the vacuum cleaner will not give the expected results. You must get specific vacuum accessories to suck up pet hair.

Make sure these fit perfectly with the mouthpieces of your appliance. As it is, sprinkle the sheets with spray static before proceeding to vacuum will inhibit the magnetic charge of the hair, which will help remove it.

4. Use duct tape

When your pet lands on the bed, it leaves a trail of hair. Duct tape might help you remove it. Just make sure it is packaging, which has more adhesive and tends to stick more hair compared to others.

Cut the tape and stick one end to the other, leaving the sticky part out. Introduce a hand inside the circle you have formed.

Rub the entire bed and when the glue has run out, proceed to cut another piece. Keep in mind that other methods may be less expensive than thistaking into account that it may take a whole roll.

5. Rubber gloves work too

If you’re looking to remove cat or dog hair from bedding surfaces, the rubber with which rubber gloves are made is ideal. In fact, it works for most upholstered furniture.

You just have to dress your dominant hand with it and rub the area, as you will end up dragging the hairs. Of course, be careful to use them wet because they will end up dirtying the bedding.

6. Buy special products in pet stores

Most pet stores offer effective products for removing hair from bedding or clothing, such as brushes, rollers, and pads, among others. You just have to ask and choose the one you think is most convenient..

It’s okay to share a bed with your dog, but you should take some steps to protect your sheets.

How to remove pet odor from bed?

It is inevitable that these beings who were born to steal our hearts and be part of the family, also appropriate our bed. The worst is not that, but lowering them. Sometimes it’s impossible when they attack us with that deadly gaze and tender eyes.

We have to resign ourselves, but there is also a small detail: the smell they leave behind. Fortunately, there is an effective method to remove it and that is to sprinkle baking soda over the bed. Let it act for about 1 hour and with the help of a hand vacuum cleaner absorbs the dust.

Just be careful that your pet doesn’t lick the baking soda when you spray it, as it could cause gastrointestinal problems. Also consider purchasing a product that eliminates the odor in specialized stores.

Prevents your pet’s hair from becoming a sheet layer

One of the best fabrics to repel pet hair is leather. But sleeping on sheets of this material would not be comfortable. So you can lean towards tightly woven bedding, such as those made of linen, silk or 100% cotton.

Another measure to take into account to remove your pet’s hair from bedding is to take care of the food you give it. The products you use to bathe him and the vitamins you supply him also have an influence. Everything should be consulted with your trusted veterinarian.

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