How to remove nail polish stains from clothes

Having clean nails, with the cuticle trimmed and painted in beautiful colors gives great satisfaction. However, when painting nails at home, it is common for a drop of polish to escape and end up staining clothes or furniture. In this article we will teach you how to remove nail polish stains from clothes.

The quintessential product for dissolving enamel is acetone or nail polish remover. Although it has a strong odor that can be annoying, organizations such as the International Chemical Safety Program have classified it as a safe and low-toxic product. However, it can cause a little irritation to the eyes, so it is advisable to use it with caution.

Tips that I should take into account before trying to remove the enamel stain from any garment

The most important advice to keep in mind before removing enamel stains from any surface is do not spread it in case it is fresh. To do this, avoid rubbing it hard. The best thing you can do is place absorbent paper towels on the stain to remove excess liquid and then apply one of the procedures that we will point out below.

Likewise, it is very important that you read the washing label of the garment to avoid taking actions that could damage it. However, to prevent damage, it is always advisable to take a small amount of acetone or the cleaning product to be used and put it in an inconspicuous corner of the garment to see if it generates any negative reaction with the fabric.

Ways to remove nail polish stains from clothes

Removing nail polish from clothing is not always an easy task. However, with a little patience nothing is impossible and you will be able to remove those annoying stains from your clothes. If you don't get the expected results on the first try, you will likely need to do the same process twice.

It is ideal to take extreme precautions when painting nails, so that we reduce the risks of stains.

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Scrape the nail polish when the stain is dry

If you stained enamel on your clothes and didn't notice it until the stain is dry, don't worry. Your garment has not been lost! A good trick to make the enamel stain removal process easier is to scrape off the dry parts. For this you can help yourself with a utensil in your house, such as a spatula or an epilator. However, take great care of the fabric so as not to pull its threads or tear it.

Use acetone to remove stains

After scraping the garment, Use some acetone or nail polish remover to remove nail polish stains. For this process you can help yourself with a swab or a cotton ball that will allow you not to use more product than necessary.

Let the liquid act for about 8 minutes and wash your clothes as you normally would. If you notice that after washing the garment is still stained, repeat the process.

Although acetone is very effective in removing enamel stains, you must be careful about what materials you use it. It usually works very well on wool, cotton and silk. However, it can damage garments that contain acetate, a type of fabric that has a satin or silk-like finish.

Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is known for its ability to oxidize stains and remove them, especially blood and food. However, it is also useful when it comes to removing enamel stains from clothing or upholstery.

However, it is advisable to use it on light colored garments, as it can also oxidize bright colors and cause worse damage. To use it, you must put a little on the stain and rub it with a cloth for a few minutes. Then you can do a normal wash.

Try an insect repellent on spray

Just apply a little of the spray on the garment, rub it with a brush or towel and let it act for a couple of minutes to see the results. It is important that you wash it very well afterwards, as this type of insect repellent usually has strong and unpleasant odors. To do this you can follow some tricks to eliminate bad odors in clothes, such as using baking soda, vinegar or lemon.

Acetone nail polish removers are the substance of choice to combat stains.

Tips for removing enamel stains on delicate clothes

Having an enamel stain on a delicate garment generates a greater annoyance due to the fear of damaging it by not taking the necessary care. However, there are a number of products on the market for dry cleaning of clothing that are often used for garments that do not allow machine washing.

These types of dry solvents work very well to eliminate stubborn stains, like those produced by nail polish. To use it, you must put a little on the stain and press it with an absorbent paper towel. Then you should let it act for about 10 minutes and remove the excess. Then, you wash the garment as usual.

Take some precautions

Although there are tricks that help you remove enamel stains from clothes, Better safe than sorry. Even the most experienced manicurists sometimes lose their pulse and spill a bit of nail polish.

Therefore, when you paint your nails you can wear old clothes that you do not mind staining. Also, choose to have a towel to support your hands and feet, which will allow you to protect clothing and furniture.