How to remove makeup stains from clothes?

Have a perfect outline to the style eye cat, Seductive red lips or contouring that stylizes the face is an art. There are more and more influencers and YouTubers makeup artists who share their secrets and styles. But nevertheless, Little is said about the stains that cosmetic products can cause on clothing. What can you do to remove makeup stains from clothes?

Although products do not always soak into fabrics, it is sometimes difficult to remove them just by machine washing. If so, you need to go the extra mile with ingredients that are usually in the pantry. This time, we share some tricks that you can apply if you find yourself with this type of stain. Take note!

Homemade methods to remove makeup stains from clothes

That the clothes are stained with makeup is not the end. In fact, before trying harsh chemicals, it is worth applying some natural ingredients that can help. Yes, Keep in mind that the faster you act, the easier you can remove stains.

In addition, it is very important that you remove your makeup before going to sleep. With this, you will not only take care of your skin, but you will also prevent the pajamas, covers or sheets from staining as well.

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Vinegar is probably the household element that has the most applications for the home. In the case of clothing, it is used to remove stains and eliminate bad odors. How to use?

  • To work well with makeup stains, you should soak the garment in warm water with a cup of white vinegar.
  • If you want to enhance the effect, you can squeeze half a lemon into the mixture. Don't worry, your clothes won't smell like vinegar.

White vinegar not only helps remove stains from clothes, but also softens and eliminates bad odors.

Make-up remover

If you have made a small stain and want to remove it quickly, before leaving home, the best option will be to use your makeup remover liquid.

  • Run a cotton swab or washcloth soaked in this liquid over the stain and rub gently until it disappears.
  • Be very careful not to wet the garment too much or rub it very hard, as you will achieve the opposite effect and the stain will spread more.

Shaving foam

According to the book "Physical-chemical coeducation: home tricks in the classroom", shaving foam is a powerful surfactant product. That is to say, It works by penetrating the stain at its base to completely reduce its contact with the surface of the garment material. However, it is ideal for fresh stains.

  • To do this, you just have to spray the foam on the stain and let it penetrate the fabric well.
  • Let it act for 15 minutes and rinse as usual.

Grease remover soap

Grease remover soap is the best option when it comes to oily products, such as foundations or funds, concealers and lip gloss. The best thing about this product is that it is always available in your kitchen.

  • To use it, just take a towel, apply the soap in circles on the stain and wash the garment again.
  • Also, this product will help you remove stains from any cosmetic oil, such as olive or coconut.

Baking soda

According to a report from the Mississippi State Department of Health, baking soda is a healthy alternative for cleaning the home, which works well to remove stains and soften clothes.

  • To be effective, you must spray it on the stain and moisten it with a little water.
  • Leave it on for a couple of hours, without rubbing it, and wash the garment again. If it is a very difficult case, adding a splash of vinegar to the water will go a long way.

Baking soda is one of the useful products when it comes to removing stains from clothes. It is easy to use and does not damage fabrics.

Care recommendations

As the popular saying goes, "Better safe than sorry." Although these homemade tricks tell you how to remove makeup stains from clothes in an easy way, you better avoid spoiling your outfit before leaving home.

Therefore, if you have a white blouse or a dress for a special event, we recommend putting on makeup with a spare shirt or protecting the neck of the garment with facial tissues. Keep that in mind!