How to relieve stress simply, according to psychologists

Unfortunately the society in which we live pushes us daily to a precipice in which the stress It is our main problem. Work schedules, family, children, attempt to have social life, social networks, household chores. Scheduled hours and hours in which we don't have a moment of tranquility. When was the last time you drank fresh air or relaxed after a hard day at the office?

71% of Spaniards acknowledge suffering from stress, although if bought with the world average, it does not seem so alarming. According to data from the annual report prepared by Cigna Corporation where the perception of wellness of the population regarding their family, their finances, their Physical Health, the social environment and the employment situation, in our country, despite the data, we have improved in recent years.

This great evil of Western societies is according to research what makes nine out of ten Spanish respondents Make sure work is what causes this condition. "It is a diminishing environment"which leads them to have" less productivity, "they explain. Why? 72% of the citizens of our country state that the company they are in does not provide initiatives against this disease, above the world average (54%).

Get rid of him

According to several experts who have consulted 'Prevention', there are very simple ways of fighting this evil. Stress is the cause of one in four work losses and the increasing consumption of anxiolytics, since it constitutes a risk factor for both the physical and mental health of adults, but also children, adolescents and the elderly. Remedy as soon as possible.

Stop checking your email every moment and do it only during working hours. Also, you should forget about social media for a season.

If you are a sports lover, take advantage and escape to the gym to train. Exercise does both for your mind and for your muscles. "Combine or alternate aerobic physical activities with strength, stretching, flexibility and agility. This will boost your endorphins, "he suggests Kathleen Hall, CEO of The Stress Institute. Make your sweat social. A study found that people who participated in group classes they saw greater improvements in mental, physical and emotional health than those who did it alone.

Another of the great solutions is to walk in nature. Have you been about to lose your mind in the office? A short 15-minute walk is enough to reduce stress and fatigue levels, according to an analysis published in the 'Journal of Occupational Health Psychology'. You like to laugh? Meet with friends, watch a series that you like, put videos on YouTube, find memes in WhatsApp groups … "Laughter is a great medicine," he says Nicole Issa, New York psychologist. "It helps to relax the whole body, reduces cortisol and increases endorphins," he adds.

Useful Methods

You might never have imagined it, but gargle with water, works. Why? "The vagus nerve is the one that facilitates a relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system, "he explains Heidi Hanna, executive director of the American Institute of Stress. "When we are caught in chronic stress, we can be kidnapped by our response to the disease itself. Thanks to this simple exercise, increases your ability to change to a state of calm", ends.

If you are a sports lover, take advantage and escape to the gym to train. Exercise does both for your mind and for your muscles

If you are that you cannot do more, you can immerse your face in cold water. Try using this dialectical behavior skill (DBT) and use a low temperature of this liquid to activate your 'immersion reflex' by soaking the cheekbones and mouth, as if it were a mask. "When this area cools, the parasympathetic nervous system activates immediately and your heart rate and breathing slows and your body begins to use less energy. "Are you afraid? Holding a cold compress In the area it will also work.

If you are tired of working and social networks, what you should do is use the mobile less frequently. Constantly checking your devices is not doing anything to reduce stress levels. In fact, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), people who do not stop inspecting their Instagram, Twitter or email they are much more stressed Than their less connected peers.