How to prepare oatmeal churros, easy and delicious

If you want to make healthy churros, you cannot miss this recipe to prepare them from oatmeal. They are easy to make and provide a lot of fiber.

Last update: February 24, 2022

Oatmeal churros are a healthier alternative to traditional wheat churros. They are also simple to prepare and their organoleptic characteristics are excellent. We are going to teach you how to make them through a series of simple steps to enjoy them as a dessert, at breakfast or even in any snack throughout the day.

Although it is recommended to cook in the oven, grilled, steamed or with water, it is okay to include some fried food in the guideline. Keep in mind that this method increases the caloric value of food and adds a serving of trans fat. Even so, fried foods have a place in the context of a healthy diet. Now, it is always positive to use a quality oil.

Ingredients for oatmeal churros

If you want to prepare some delicious oatmeal churros, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 150 grams of oatmeal.
  • 180 cubic centimeters of water.
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.
  • 2 tablespoons of honey.
  • Vanilla essence to taste.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Spray oil.
  • Butter paper.
Oatmeal churros are healthier than traditional ones, but just as delicious.

Oatmeal can be purchased as such, although it is also possible to prepare it at home. To do this, you have to grind oat flakes in a food processor at maximum speed until you get a fine powder. Just 2-3 minutes at high power will suffice. Of course, it is advisable not to strain uncrushed flakes so as not to spoil the final result.

In the case of choosing a ready-made oatmeal, it is key to observe the list of ingredients. There are several options with added flavors and artificial sweeteners inside. As a general rule, for this recipe it is advisable to use neutral oatmeal. However, there is the alternative of using that with a vanilla aroma to enhance the final taste.

Step by Step

  1. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray and line the surface with parchment paper.
  2. At the same time, mix the water, honey, coconut oil, a pinch of salt and vanilla in a saucepan. It is important to cook everything until it breaks the boil.
  3. Then remove from heat and add the oatmeal. Stir vigorously to form a dough.
  4. Once you get a result that easily separates from the saucepan, you will have to use a churrera to shape it. It is also possible to proceed by introducing the dough into a wide-mouth pastry bag to generate the churros. Be that as it may, the result must be placed along the baking tray.
  5. Although they can be fried in extra virgin olive oil to achieve a very crispy result, they will also look good with a simple bake.
  6. In this case, the churros will have a lower energy density and less trans fat. When the tray is filled with the correct shaped dough, it is placed in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius with heat on both sides until the churros are golden brown.
  7. If you opt for frying, cook each piece for 3 or 4 minutes and, when removing it, place it on a plate with absorbent paper. Thus, you will eliminate excess oil and achieve an optimal final flavor.
  8. You can decorate with a little sugar sprinkled on top.
Churros can be prepared in a traditional way, that is, fried, or baked.

Health benefits of oatmeal

Before dismissing this recipe, discover the benefits derived from the consumption of oats for health. This cereal is one of the foods with a high content of quality carbohydrates that can be included in the guideline. Now, it will be necessary to ensure that this is varied enough to avoid a deficit of essential nutrients that negatively conditions the functioning of the physiology.

Improves intestinal transit

Oatmeal is a source of fiber. This substance increases the volume of the fecal bolus. and thus produces greater stimulation of the mechanoreceptors of the tube and more intense peristaltic contractions. In this way, constipation is reduced, as confirmed by research published in the journal Nature Reviews.

On the other hand, fiber is also capable of reducing the incidence of a series of complex pathologies that can affect the digestive tract. One of them is colon cancer. A daily consumption of at least 25 grams of the substance could reduce the incidence of this problem, according to a study published in the journal International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition.

Likewise, a good part of the fiber in oats, specifically the soluble portion, ferments in the intestine and benefits the bacteria that make up the microbiota. Microorganisms use fiber as their main food source, allowing them to grow and multiply. In turn, they form anti-inflammatory compounds thanks to it. They are short-chain fatty acids, such as butyrate, which improve health.

Provides a source of energy

We must not forget that oatmeal is a food with a high content of complex carbohydrates. For this reason, it is ideal for athletes. Athletes need a continuous intake of carbohydrates to guarantee adequate sports performance and also to reduce the risk of injury during high-intensity sessions.

On the other hand, carbohydrates are not only important before activity, but also after. As stated in a study published in Nutrientsan optimal supply of carbohydrates together with proteins of high biological value after exercise increases glycogen resynthesis and facilitates recovery.

can help lose weight

It is clear that oatmeal does not generate a thermogenic effect as such. Now, it is a very satiating food. This facilitates the approach of a hypocaloric diet, which will allow you to lose weight efficiently if you also exercise frequently.

It is necessary to point out that many of the weight loss guidelines fail because they are not capable of causing satiety. From then on, those who follow them begin to experience a feeling of anxiety that, little by little, puts adherence to treatment at risk. Oatmeal and other plant-based foods that are high in fiber They can make it easier to follow the pattern.

Make oatmeal churros at home

As you have seen, It is really easy to prepare oatmeal churros at home. It can even be said that they are healthy preparations as long as they are cooked in the oven. If you opt for frying, the caloric value is increased, but they can be a good alternative to consume from time to time. Be that as it may, they will always be a better option than the classic wheat flour ones.

To finish, remember that when the goal is to maintain good health, it will be decisive to promote a series of appropriate habits. It is not enough just to take care of the diet. It is as important or even more important to do physical exercise on a regular basis, if it can be every day. In addition, it will be necessary to prioritize strength work, since in this way the balance in the internal environment is maintained.

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