How to prepare fried foods with a lot of flavor in a healthy way with this fryer without oil

Last update: 18 January, 2022

There is a device that is revolutionizing the world of cooking and is becoming very popular, the oil-free fryer. It is obvious why it is so popular, it is much healthier than frying food in oil and of course we eat much less fat and they are also much faster and cleaner than having to fry in a pan. If you want to get one, today we are going to talk about this fryer that costs 48 euros on Amazon.

Using a frying pan to fry something means staining the ceramic hob from the oil that jumps or even your clothes and let’s not forget that you can burn yourself. Fryers do not have to be washed as often as a frying pan, which must be washed the same day you use it so that all the fat does not stick to it. So having a fryer without oil offers many advantages apart from making food healthier. However, its health benefits are undeniable. There are infinite studies that relate the consumption of foods rich in fat with obesity cases, and even the frying process favors the appearance of acrylamide, highly related according to some studies with the appearance of cancer.

Get this fryer without oil for 48 euros on Amazon

This fryer without oil, in addition to frying, is used to bake, roast and grill. In some recipes you may have to add a tablespoon of oil to be able to prepare some recipes, even so it is much healthier than frying in a normal frying pan or fryer.

In addition to being healthier, it allows us to do other things since it does not need us to monitor it. For example, if we are working at home, we just have to put the ingredients in the fryer and put the degrees that we want it to be and the time. So we can go back to work without worrying about our food burning.

It is very simple to use, we just have to put the ingredients in the basket and with the roulette wheel choose the temperature that goes from 80 to 200 degrees and the timer with alarm that can be set up to 30 minutes.

the fryer it is quite small so it will not take up much space if we want to always have it on the counter. Its capacity is 2 liters, for two portions or something more if what we are going to prepare are appetizers.

It is safe to use as it has overheat protection and we will not burn ourselves when taking the basket since the handle will not heat up. It has a non-slip base This will help keep the fryer from moving on the table.

If you want to eat healthier but without losing the small pleasures of life such as chips, This fryer without oil will come in handy. Its price is 48 euros on Amazon.

Get this fryer without oil for 48 euros on Amazon

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