How to prepare a vegetarian couscous?

We are going to teach you how to prepare an excellent tasting couscous dish, full of nutrients, to ensure good health. Enjoy this vegetarian recipe.

Last update: October 16, 2021

There is the option of preparing a delicious vegetarian couscous full of essential nutrients. Keep in mind that in the context of a plant-based diet, it is necessary to ensure the diversity of food consumed.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that couscous has many different ways of elaboration. It can be combined with different ingredients and sauces to generate very diverse organoleptic characteristics. Although it is a dish of oriental origin, today it can be consumed in almost any country.

Vegetarian couscous ingredients

We are going to teach you how to prepare a curried vegetarian couscous. For this you must have the following ingredients:

  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper, cumin and parsley.
  • 2 tablespoons of oat milk.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • 150 grams of dry couscous.
  • 200 grams of pumpkin.
  • 1 medium onion.
  • 1/2 red pepper.
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Curry powder.
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 tomato.

One of the details that you have to take into account in this recipe is the quality of the curry. There are several types available in the market that offer different end results. It’s best to avoid low-priced or white label ones.

As for the oatmeal drink, it should be noted that it will be necessary to look closely at the list of ingredients. Those with added sugars should be avoided.

Not all oat milks are of the same quality. You have to check the ingredients.

Step by step for the elaboration

You have to start by chopping all the vegetables well. First the onion is peeled and cut into very small cubes. Garlic will also need to be finely chopped. Once the vegetables are done, they are reserved on a plate for later.

Then, you will have to wash the pepper and remove the seeds from inside. The same process is applied with the tomato, cutting both ingredients into cubes. Both vegetables will be saved for later.

When the vegetables are all ready, extra virgin olive oil will have to be heated in a saucepan, first incorporating the onion. Add a pinch of salt and cover, leaving a cooking time of about 10 minutes so that the onion is transparent.

At this time, it will be necessary to add the garlic and carrot. It is still cooked and when all the vegetables are fried, they are removed, taking care not to reduce the oil on the bottom too much.

From here you will have to cook the pepper along with the pumpkin. To do this, raise the heat a little and wait for the vegetables to be tender, stirring from time to time.

When both reach an optimal texture, the vegetables that had been reserved are reintroduced and the curry is added along with the rest of the spices. Also the tomato. It will only be necessary to cook a couple of more minutes before adding the oat milk, mixing everything well.

It remains to add the dry couscous to finish the dish. You have to start browning it for 2 minutes so that it mixes well with the sauce that we have prepared. Then, hot water is added in the same proportion as the couscous and it is cooked for about 5 minutes until it evaporates. It is important that this step is carried out with the casserole half covered.

To top it off, you just need to stir the preparation well to prevent the couscous from caking. You can also add a splash of extra virgin olive oil.

Vegetarian couscous benefits

Next, we are going to tell you about the main benefits of including this vegetarian couscous recipe in the context of a varied and balanced diet.

Helps prevent the development of complex pathologies

The recipe that we have just shown you concentrates a large amount of phytonutrients with antioxidant capacity. They are present in both vegetables and curries. These elements are key to neutralizing the formation of free radicals.

As evidenced by an investigation published in the journal European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, It is vital to provide antioxidants on a regular basis to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative problems.

Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables in high amounts has been associated with lower all-cause mortality. This is due, in part, to the presence of phytonutrients.

Provides energy

The vegetarian couscous recipe it is ideal for those who perform high intensity exercise. It generates a simple and fast digestion, since it does not have many fats inside. On the other hand, it manages to provide a significant amount of complex carbohydrates.

In fact, it is affirmed the need to ensure a quality carbohydrate consumption before the most demanding work sessions and competitions. This can delay the onset of fatigue and reduce the risk of injury

Facilitates digestive processes

Curry is a spice that has pepper inside. This compound is characterized by providing capsaicin, an element with a certain irritant capacity on the digestive tract. However, this property is not negative at all; Rather the complete opposite. It can increase the speed of intestinal transit, helping to prevent constipation. It should be noted that people with stomach or intestinal inflammatory diseases have to be careful with the consumption of spicy foods.

On the other hand, capsaicin is an effective element to promote weight loss, according to a study published in the journal International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition. It can cause a slight increase in body temperature, which affects the number of calories expended during the day.

Curry has capsaicin. This digestive tract irritant increases calorie consumption and promotes weight loss.

Improves immunity

Both carrots, peppers and tomatoes concentrate a significant amount of vitamin C. This substance has antioxidant power and is essential for stimulating immune function. Thanks to her, the incidence of infectious diseases is reduced, especially those of the respiratory type. This is stated by an investigation published in Nutrients.

Make vegetarian couscous

Vegetarian couscous is simple to prepare and constitutes a recipe with magnificent organoleptic characteristics. It will be liked by almost every member of the family. In addition, it admits variations. It is possible to avoid adding curry or introducing other different vegetables in the preparation.

Keep in mind that to guarantee the maintenance of good health it is essential to consume vegetables in high quantities. In addition, it will be necessary to combine a good diet with the practice of physical exercise on a regular basis, prioritizing strength activities.

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