How to practice deep breathing to stimulate the brain

Many times we have heard that when a difficult situation presents itself, we must breathe deeply. Asian traditions such as yoga or tai-chi have taught us a little about the benefits of this. But do we really know how to do it?

Deep breathing is an activity that we must practice daily.or. Here we tell you what are the steps to do it properly and take advantage of all its benefits.

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¿Por what should we breathe deeply?

Breathing deeply does not just help relieve stress. It is also proven to help improve some processes that occur in our body.

Recent research They have revealed that deep breathing stimulates and activates different areas of the brain. One of the most recent studies found that, when you breathe deeply, certain areas of the brain are activated that have to do with the attention and regulation of emotions.

Other investigations have proven that deep breathing activates a packet of neurons that activate the mind in a positive way. The specialists specify that sIt is about 175 neurons that make our body relax.

¿How should we do it?

1. The first thing is find a comfortable place to sit, that allows you to have your back right. In addition, it is necessary to have clothes comfortable and leave the area of ​​the waist and abdomen free. No belts.

2. Bring your chest forward, relax your shoulders and look.

3. CPlace one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen.

4. Inspire slowly and deeply for four seconds. In doing so, you must perceive how the hand of the abdomen rises much more than the hand that is on the chest.

5. Catch the air for five seconds and exhale in a sonorous way for seven seconds.

Try to practice this routine every day and you will feel the change.

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