How to overcome depression due to infidelity

Overcoming depression for infidelity may not be an easy task. In relation to the infidelity in the couple, the statistics do not deceive. The number of people who have been, are or will be unfaithful to their partner is increasing.

Deception with another person is the main cause of divorce and separation between couples. This can cause a lot of psychological alterations and in the family structure.

For this reason, many people who have suffered this situation turn to professionals to know how to overcome depression due to infidelity.

Type of infidelities

There are different types of infidelity as a couple, depending on the circumstances and the current situation of the relationship.

In a broad sense, you can differentiate 3 types of infidelities. Let's see some details of each of them.

1. Those who try to avoid intimacy

This type profile usually affects both members of the couple, that is, the two people who make up the couple are unfaithful to each other. This case usually appears in people who have been educated in broken families.

The subjects strong emotional barriers are created and both people seek pleasure in a hedonistic way. They relate and link through the fights they maintain.

That is why, when it comes to cheating, overcoming depression due to infidelity is not very complicated, since falling into depression for this reason is almost impossible. The two have made the same mistake and do not care too much about hiding it.

2. Avoidance of conflict

It is the opposite case to the previous one. The traits that characterize this type of people come from conventional families that have been rigid in their rules, where showing emotions such as anger and sadness was not well seen.

The couple in this case does not argue, facing the gallery are a model rigging, your behavior at all times is correct. The infidelity of conflict avoiders appears between 5 and 10 years of marriage.

However, it is usually a short adventure, since it ends up abandoning the adventure before it becomes a conflict for marriage. If discovered, it is easy for the other person to be affected psychologically and need help to know how to overcome depression due to infidelity.

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3. Departure

This type of deception appears to be self-deceived about the need to leave the relationship present. The person is aware that this bond is no longer maintained and that, generates anxiety. Thus, they have a quick adventure and reduce that suffering.

However, in the end this behavior produces more pain, since the unfaithful person ends up caught in the guilt, making him more unable to face reality and leave his partner.

Overcoming depression due to infidelity

An infidelity on the part of the couple can be difficult to overcome. There are those who get to have severe depression because of this.

Next, we explain a series of recommendations to overcome depression due to infidelity.

1. Disagree pain of suffering

It is completely normal feel sad after having gone through a difficult situation such as infidelity.

But nevertheless, There is a limit between pain that is considered normal and suffering that we unleash ourselves. Both feelings differ in that pain does not last as long as suffering.

This is because We generate this last when we resist accepting the situation. In this way, suffering can last as long as we want.

2. Express your feelings

To be able to accept any difficult situation it is important to let off steam. For this, do not keep the emotions generated by infidelity and talk to people close to everything you feel.

Open up and let go of all the emotions and feelings will allow you to overcome depression due to infidelity in a more efficient and faster way.

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3. Live your duel

Accepting grief and living it is a determining factor in overcoming a situation of infidelity.

All the difficult situations we go through in life they involve overcoming a grieving process. During this process, we begin to assimilate the situation, experience it and overcome it.

Therefore, as we have mentioned, the feeling of sadness is normal, because to overcome depression due to infidelity, You have to take the time and live each one your own process.

4. Take care of your personal appearance

Many times when we are sad we leave aside our appearance and personal care, coming to fall in a vicious circle.

Try a little to continue taking care of yourself and getting ready, since this way you will feel better with yourself and it will not make you feel sadder.


Overcoming an infidelity takes time. It is a very complicated situation that takes its time and acceptance period. In cases where this situation of sadness lasts longer than usual, we recommend that you go to a health professional.