How to organize the closet so that it fits all the winter clothes

Fat sweaters, warm clothes, knitwear, socks, boots … Winter clothes take up much more than summer clothes, but our space in the bedroom is the same. After taking out the boxes of seasonal basics and realizing that we have gone too far with the purchases of the new collection, how do we do it now to be able to keep all our looks well and have a tidy wardrobe that Marie Kondo herself would be proud of? ? Well, neither more nor less, than by following these practical and very easy tricks with which you will make your dressing room look like that of an influencer (even in a mini version).

The first thing you have to do before taking out the new season clothes is get rid of everything you no longer use. Then you can start with your boxes. To organize everything well and save a lot of time, we recommend sort the garments by types and colors, in addition to leaving ‘total looks’ wildcard ready with accessories included for those days when you don’t know what to wear. In addition, there are endless accessories for the wardrobe that multiply the space and make use of ‘dead zones’: vertical organizers that are glued inside the doors, jewelry boxes and small boxes to store accessories without damaging them, shoe racks that They allow us to quickly and conveniently identify footwear, or boxes and baskets to put the things that you use less (but cannot throw away) and thus take advantage of the lower modules, trunks and closet bottoms.

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In addition to where to store your clothes, the secret is also in how to do it, and for that, you need to learn to fold well. Yes, there are also tricks for this: T-shirts, sweaters and fine jumpers must always be vertical and placed on shelves or drawers; thick winter garments we better fold them into the classic rectangular shape; dress pants, hung on peg hangers (to avoid leaving marks) and jeans (and other rigid fabric pants), folded vertically, which thus take up much less space; Dresses, blouses, skirts, suits and blazers are always hung taking into account the length of the garment so that the bottoms do not wrinkle; and the lingerie is better preserved if we fold it into a roll and the bras, folded over the cup itself «.