How to order your storage room to have everything at hand and take advantage of the available space

The order It is essential to live peacefully in our house (and to lose weight, believe it or not), that is why methods such as FlyLady or Kaizen succeed to maintain your House organized in the shortest possible time. One of the rooms that attracts the most chaos (if you are lucky enough to have it, of course) is the storage room, because we tend to accumulate things that we do not use for the mere fact of not making the decision to throw them away. The storage room should fulfill the function of housing all those things that we do not use on a regular basis, but that we need at times punctual, like Christmas or on a ski trip. It can also come in handy to store bicycles, empty suitcases or clothes from another season when we do the wardrobe change. But forget about saving things that you are not going to use, such as career notes or baby clothes if your children are already in primary school.

Distributes correctly and illuminates the storage room

Do not fill all the available space haphazardly and worry about leaving a center space uncluttered so that access is easy and the management of the storage room, comfortable. And don’t forget the illumination: if you have an entrance of natural light, do not cover it with boxes and if not, make sure that there are enough light bulbs for the entire space.

Shelves are the best option.

The modular They are the most suitable, because they allow you to modify the height of the shelves depending on what you are going to store in them. They are also easy to move and change of site to adapt to your needs, which is why they are the most chosen option to store things in storage rooms. However, avoid the tall shelvesbecause if you don’t get to what’s above, you’ll tend to accumulate things without knowing what’s above.

But you can also opt for cabinets

The most chosen are metal, because they are resistant and hold the weight well. those of wood They are also a good option, because they preserve the properties of what you save since they better support the humidity (not to mention that they are prettier).

Modular and stackable storage

Another very useful method to order your storage room is the storage modular and stackable. It allows you to store countless objects of different sizes and ensure that they will be kept tidy and stacked in the storage room You can place this type of storage on shelves, cabinets or even on the floor itself.

Organize everything in boxes (preferably transparent) and label them

The boxes necessary to establish an order, and more in a storage room, in which we normally store objects that we do not use frequently. We recommend that you always opt for boxes transparent, so you can see at a glance what’s inside. And another infallible key to organize them properly is tag themeither transparent or opaque.

don’t forget the clothes

when you do the c wardrobe change, the clothes you are not going to wear have to go somewhere, and the storage room is always a good option. turn to cloth lockers to store winter coats, well-labeled clear stackable or cloth boxes, vacuum bags or different solutions to store off-season shoes.

The best site for garden tools and supplies

To store your tools, it is best to use panels with hooks to hang the largest and smallest labeled jars and boxes for smaller items. If you only have the tools for specific moments but you are not a real handyman, you can always opt for toolboxes.

Cleaning and review once a year

Okay, you’re not going to clean it every week, but you can’t leave it forgotten either. Booking one day a year to do a general cleaning of the storage room and review everything you have to throw what you don’t use.

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