How to Meditate at Home: A Habit to Practice During Quarantine

We are living times of great uncertainty and constant change due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most people have more free time but this does not mean that they are not loaded with stress, fear or feelings that affect us on a physical and mental level on a daily basis.

Spending time with the family has become inevitable as the Social isolation It forces us to stay at home and this is very good to strengthen ties with the members of the household. However, many times we need to be a time alone.

Getting away from the rest for a while does not mean being selfish or lonely but rather, it will help you know yourself better, do introspection and thus be able to better relate to the people around you.

Today we are going to teach you a super recommended practice so you can transform it into a everyday habit that not only facilitates relaxation but will help you deal with stress.

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First of all, we are going to find a quiet place in our homes, where we have enough space to sit down and feel comfortable. Experts recommend meditating a few 10 minutes daily and do it in the morning and at night.

A good tip that we leave you is to accompany these moments with special music to meditate that it should be calm, pleasant and not very changeable because otherwise we can be distracted.

1. First we are going to adopt a comfortable posture, without crossing arms or legs. to

2. We will try to maintain the spine in a straight position and drop your shoulders. The hands must be open and the fingers loose.

3. The most important point is to focus on breathing and breathe normally.

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4. As you get inspired, let's try to imagine that you fill up with positive energy, of calm and serenity. As you exhale, expel unnecessary thoughts, tensions, and worries that are burdening your back.

5. Finally we will breath deeply, filling the abdomen and swelling the lungs. We retain the air for a few seconds and then we slowly release it through our mouth.

7. Ideally, repeat this exercise eight times. At the end, when releasing the air emit the sound OM slowly.

Most likely, the thoughts will come to your mind, if they come let them come and let them go. They have to flow but you have to try not to focus on them and stay in the present moment and continue to focus on the breath.

And you, have you ever meditated? tell us your experience in the comments