How to make your hormones lose weight for you?

You may not know how crazy and revolutionized your hormones, but you have experienced some of the symptoms derived from having them unbalanced. Some translate into headaches, painful periods chronic pain, problems with constipation, anxiety, depression …

And the solution could be simpler than you think and be related to the schedule of your meals. One of the scientific explanations is that "The secretion of insulin on the part of the pancreas it is not the same in the morning as at night and the sensitivity of the cells to their action varies throughout the day, "says nutritionist Amil López Viéitez to El Mundo.

In recent years the chronobiology -the science that studies the cyclic variation of our hormones throughout the day- and the nutrigenetics -which is responsible for analyzing the genetic variants of people and how they influence the metabolism of nutrients, diet and diseases associated with They have helped clear up many unknowns, among others that we can eat more caloric foods at certain times to promote their metabolism.

Balance is important for our health because "when all hormones are in balance and work properly, we enjoy optimal health and well-being. When some of the hormones do not work well, we see effects in many parts of our body and our mind. They begin the symptoms and pathologies and often the malfunction of any of the hormones affects another hormonal system related. Our lifestyle, in addition to our genetics, has a very large effect on its functioning. That is why it is essential to take care of yourself, "says Natàlia Calvet, coach and expert in healthy habits.


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According to chronobiology, insulin It has a daily curve of action with a peak at noon and an activity very low after seven or eight pm. Therefore, "it is convenient to consume carbohydrates at lunch time and reduce its consumption after eight o'clock, since at that time the body tends to store hydrates in the form of fat. That's why the same pasta or rice dish makes you more fat at dinner than at lunch, "says López Viéitez.

In addition, it is better to "include protein in each of the five meals to activate the synthesis of glucagon, hormone of effects contrary to insulin, and thus regulate the blood glucose, appetite and fat storage. Several studies have confirmed that eating before three in the afternoon prevents diseases such as diabetes and promotes a healthy weight. Ideally, the Italian schedule: eat around 1 pm and dinner at 8 pm, "says the nutritionist.

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