How to make umbrellas to decorate cocktails?

Do you love having fun celebrations in your home? In this article we will tell you how to make paper umbrellas to give a tropical and cheerful touch to your drinks and snacks.

Last update: December 01, 2021

The holidays are moments that fill life with joy because it can be shared with friends and family in a fun environment. In these events, drinks, music and food are usually the protagonists. In this article we bring you ideas to make umbrellas to decorate cocktails, which will give a tropical touch to your celebrations.

Decorations are a way to brighten up gatherings and create a more festive atmosphere. It does not matter if you are a child or an adult, umbrellas to decorate cocktails are always a good alternative. In addition, they can also be put on ice creams, cupcakes or the appetizers.

History of the umbrellas for drinks

The umbrellas over cocktails and drinks are a classic that reminds of holidays and beach bars. In addition, it takes many of them back to childhood, when the most attractive thing about a glass of ice cream was to find these colorful objects.

However, these curious decorative elements have a history that dates back to 1932, when the bartender Harry Yee started using them at the hotel Hilton waikiki and made them popular.

They are inspired by Chinese paper umbrellas and they began to be used due to the need to be creative with materials after a strong economic crisis in the world. If you look closely, these objects are quite simple: a wooden toothpick with a piece of colorful paper. The invention has been so popular that it is now included in bartending books.

The professional cocktail bar is responsible for this invention. Today it is part of the cultural heritage of this work.

Materials to make umbrellas

Umbrellas for decorating cocktails are very easy to make at home. Although the traditional ones imitate the Chinese rice paper umbrellas, it is possible to make them of different types, introducing small variations according to what you have.

Below we will point out the most common necessary materials:

  • Pair of scissors.
  • Markers.
  • Glue, silicone, or tape.
  • Cardstock, iris paper or colored crepe paper.
  • Wooden chopsticks or skewers for skewers.

Step by step to make umbrellas to decorate cocktails

Once you have the materials ready, the process of creating the umbrellas is very simple. The final results will also depend on your creativity and the effort you put into it.

Next we will share with you the step by step of 3 different styles of umbrellas. You can even do the 3 types for the same celebration.

1. Made of crepe paper

Crepe paper is a delicate material, with a smooth texture that can be used for many crafts and gift wrapping. This paper allows to have a finish almost identical to that of the most typical Chinese umbrellas.

However, you must be careful not to break it because it is delicate:

  1. Draw a circumference on the paper that will be the canopy of your umbrella and cut it out.
  2. Fold the paper 2 times in half to make multiple folds.
  3. At the same time, prepare the toothpicks that will serve as the skeleton of the umbrella and the cane, which in turn will help you stir the cocktails. In this case, you must glue 4 toothpicks the same size as the radius of the circumference to the toothpick that will be the umbrella pole. Position them in such a way that they determine the degree of opening of the umbrella hood.
  4. Once you have the assembled structure, glue or tape the crepe paper to the figure formed by the 4 toothpicks.

2. Made of cardboard, cone-shaped

Cardstock is a harder type of paper than crepe. For the same reason, it is more resistant. Also, it supports ink better, so you can write messages or draw decorations on these umbrellas.

  1. Draw a circumference the size you want your umbrella to be. About 3 to 4 centimeters in diameter will be sufficient.
  2. Make a mark in the center of the circumference and draw a line that goes from the center to the edges. Then cut out the line you drew with the help of scissors.
  3. To form the cone you must overlap the edges that were to the side and side of the opening you made in the previous step. Then you must glue them in such a way that they are well attached.
  4. At this point you can take the cone and write the name of your guests to mark the cocktails, draw pictures or write inspiring words.
  5. Put a little glue or silicone on the tip of the cone and insert the toothpick that will serve as the umbrella handle.

3. Cardboard, with pleats

You can also save the umbrellas from one celebration and use them in another because it is very likely that they will withstand the hustle and bustle of the party when they are made of cardboard. Thus, you will be reusing an implement that is usually discarded.

  1. Draw and cut out an octagon. You can search for a model on the internet to guide you better.
  2. Take one of the sides of the octagon and draw its edges until you reach the center. You will see that there is a kind of triangle drawn, to which you must cut one of its edges.
  3. Take the triangle you cut out and tuck it under one end so that the edges overlap and a cone forms.
  4. Put some silicone or glue on the tip of the cone and attach the pole to the hood of the umbrella.
You can add other elements for the tropical decoration and thus combine with the umbrellas.

Complement with other decoration

After reading this tutorial, you already know how to make colorful umbrellas to decorate cocktails and give your celebrations a summery touch. However, they are not limited to just decorating drinks.

In fact, these umbrellas are very popular in ice cream for children. In addition, you can also use them to put on the snacks.

If your idea is to use them only with cocktails, they will go very well with mojitos, piña coladas, coco loco or Sex On The Beach. In case of a tropical party, there are other decorations that will go very well with the umbrellas. You can make some mini floats to put on glasses and cups. You can also include pineapples and watermelons to reinforce the look.

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