How to make recycled paper at home? Step by step guide

Making recycled paper at home is an easy and ecological idea to give a second life to used products. Learn how to do it step by step with this simple guide.

Last update: January 09, 2022

The importance of recycling is a teaching that must be instilled from childhood, to know the multiple benefits it brings to the planet. In this guide you will learn step by step how to make recycled paper at home in an easy and simple way.

This ancient form of recycling has its origins in the year 1031 in Japan, although there are those who claim that in China, where paper was invented. Recycled paper is a way to give this material a second life made with cellulose fiber, from the wood of trees.

Why is it important to recycle paper?

Paper making involves an industrial process It releases large emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). By undergoing a sustainability process, paper made from recycled material and not cellulose can reduce the energy cost used by up to 60%.

This is why, in order to protect the planet and build a more sustainable world, in 2015 world leaders created the 17 sustainable development goalswith guidelines to gradually improve the ecosystem. According to the Ecology and Development Foundation (ECODES), For every ton of paper that is collected and recycled, the following is saved:

  • 2 cubic meters of landfill.
  • 140 liters of oil.
  • 50,000 liters of water.
  • The emission of 900 kilos of carbon dioxide.

Can all kinds of paper be recycled?

Although it can be thought that any type of paper can go through a recycling process, the truth is that not all are fit for a second life. This is because what is recycled is cellulose. However, not all paper is made up of it.

These are the types that can be recycled on a regular basis:

  • Magazines and newspapers.
  • Clean boxes and cartons.
  • Flyers and advertising brochures.
  • Sheets of written paper, photocopies and prints.

On the other hand, there are certain types of paper that are low in cellulose or that have been in contact with polluting agents, which should not be introduced into recycling containers. The following are the non-recyclables:

  • Toilet paper.
  • Photo or fax paper.
  • Waxed or paraffin papers.
Toilet paper cannot be recycled, however, the cardboard tube that holds it is susceptible to a second life.

Guide to making recycled paper at home

After knowing the benefits for the ecosystem to give paper a second life, it is time to get down to work and learn how to make recycled paper from the comfort of your home and in an easy and simple way. Take note of the following steps.

Necessary materials

  • Scissors to cut it into small pieces.
  • 1 blender or food processor.
  • 1 container or large container.
  • Used paper that can be recycled.
  • 1 mesh, strainer or drainer.
  • 1 sponge.

Step by Step

  1. The first step is collect as much paper as possible and cut it into small pieces to facilitate its subsequent crushing.
  2. After you have all the paper trimmed, it’s time to add twice the hot water to the container and let the paper dissolve from soaking. This step can take several hours.
  3. After waiting for the paper to be undone, you have to mix everything very well and puree it with a blender or processor until obtaining a uniform and homogeneous paste. At this point you can add food coloring if you want to paint the paper.
  4. When the paper pulp is ready, we must put it in the colander or drainer. We rinse it with cold water and drain it again to remove excess water.
  5. Now we spread the drained paper pulp on a mesh with the help of a spoon and a rolling pin. Make sure to give it the size and thickness you want, so that recycled paper sheets are perfect when drying.
  6. Sponge the paper to dry the water well. Avoid making sudden movements so as not to break the delicate blade.
  7. Dump the new sheet on a thin cloth previously moistened and Gently press on the blade again without removing the mesh.
  8. After this procedure you can remove the mesh and cover the sheet with another piece of cloth, so that it dries on both sides. You can use some weight on the fabric to avoid ripples.
  9. Repeat the process with all the leaves you want to make and put them to dry. The next day the paper will be dry and you can use it to create a personalized folio or photo album from recycled paper.
Recycled paper is an object that we can create to help reduce the productive impact on ecosystems.

Go ahead and make your own recycled paper at home

Now you know that preparing recycled paper is a simple and quick task to do from the comfort of your home. When making our own paper for notebooks, folios, or sketchbooks, we are helping to reduce the energy impact and the carbon footprint.

Just follow this step by step guide to create your own recycled paper at home and have fun while taking care of the environment. Remember that you can include the little ones in this activity to teach them the importance of caring for the planet.

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