How to make an ecological cleaner with potato skins

The preparation of an ecological cleaner with potato husks It can be very useful when doing household chores. This organic ingredient can replace many of the conventional chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment.

Although some ignore it, it has some substances that serve as degreasers. For that reason, It can be used as a base to make cleaners for the kitchen and other types of surfaces. Still not testing? Discover how to use it.

Ecological cleaner with potato husks

Unlike commercial cleaners, the eco-friendly potato peel cleaner is chemical free. So that, its use promotes the care of the environment and avoids the allergic reactions that chemicals usually cause. However, it must be considered that the durability of this natural product is short.

For the above, It is necessary to prepare a certain amount each time you want to use it as part of the cleaning. How does it work? In what tasks can you help? Next we want to share the details so you do not hesitate to try it at home.

Potato husks to remove fat

Due to its composition, potato rinds can be useful for removing fat. Thus, they can be used in the cleaning of various types of surfaces.

The components of potato skins They help to remove the grease that stays adhered from various types of surfaces. Therefore, they can be used for the preparation of an ecological detergent to degrease dishes or clothes.

In fact, if you have just discovered a grease stain on one of your favorite clothes, you can rub a piece of potato skin to facilitate its removal. But nevertheless, This trick should not be applied on delicate garments, since some fabrics require special products to stay in good condition.

Now, if you want you can use this ingredient for kitchen utensils that have turned black. Simply rub it vigorously on forks, spoons and other items, about two or three minutes. Wait for him to act and rinse.

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Ecological dishwasher

Using the eco-friendly potato peel cleaner as an alternative to conventional dishwashing has interesting advantages. First, It is a product friendly to the environment, since it has no contaminants. On the other hand, it is as effective as soaps, as it removes grease and food waste.

How to use?

  • You can use the cooking water of the potatoes to soften the grease that adheres to the dishes and kitchen utensils. You simply pour it into the sink when it's still hot. Cover well.
  • Subsequently, dip the dirty dishes, for about 15 or 20 minutes.
  • After this time, rub them a little with a sponge and rinse.
  • Another option is to keep the potato skins fresh when you peel them. You put them in a jar and add boiling water.
  • Later, when about 30 or 40 minutes have passed, stir the mixture vigorously. At this point you will notice that a good amount of foam will form.
  • Then, let it sit overnight in the refrigerator and use it the next day to replace the dishwasher.

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Ecological cleaner with potato and salt shells

The burned and greased pots and utensils can be cleaned more easily thanks to the potato rind and salt.

The ecological cleaner with potato skins can be improved with a little salt. This preparation is quite useful for cleaning difficult surfaces such as burned and greased pans. It can also help in the cleaning of ovens, tiles or cutting boards.


  • Coarse salt (the necessary)
  • Potato shells


  • If you are going to clean a problematic pan, heat it a few minutes.
  • Then, being careful not to burn yourself, sprinkle a generous amount of salt on its surface.
  • Next, rub potato skins for a few minutes, making circular movements.
  • When the surface feels clean, rinse with water and dry.

Still do not test potato skins in the cleaning of your home? As you can see, They are very useful when it comes to helping in the elimination of fat deposits. Although they are not as powerful as commercial degreasers, their effect is similar and does not generate pollution.

The most interesting thing is that it is a multipurpose product, since it can be used both in the kitchen, as in the washing of clothes and other types of surfaces. Check your effects for yourself!