How to make an anti-stretch oil with natural ingredients

By Dr. Abril D. Preatoni (@dumitie) *

Stretch marks are not exclusive to pregnant women. In the growth stage it is very common to suffer from sudden stretching of the skin, just as when the weight drops are abrupt. That is, in any situation where skin stretches are marked.

To prevent them, we share this recipe to make an oil at home. Don't worry if you don't get all the ingredients, since you don't have to put them all. Of course, the more complete, the more nurtured it will be. Be free in your decisions!

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Anti-stretch oil

The calculation is for a 100 ml container so that, in case your bottle is of different volume, you can make the proportional calculation more easily.

It is best to use jars with a cream or spray pump, or those that have a hole, such as shampoo.

In the same bottle, with the help of a funnel, pour:

– 10 ml rosehip oil

– 70 ml of wheat germ oil

– 10 ml shea butter

– 60 drops of neroli essential oil

– 20 drops of lavender oil

The shea butter It is super moisturizing. It gives the skin elasticity for a large part of the day and helps regenerate. Like all butter, it has great thermal lability, that is, if the temperature rises, it tends to be liquid, and if it falls, it solidifies. Quiet, this has a solution: you can heat it in a water bath, but don't get distracted, because in seconds it melts. Thus, you can incorporate it into the recipe without any problem.

Whenever you use essential oils In some preparation, keep in mind that they are concentrated, so you should always dilute them so as not to spoil the preparation.

Once you have all the ingredients inside the jar, you just have to close it, shake it,and ready to use!

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Before applying

It is a good idea to take a home allergy test beforehand, because as natural oils come from plants, flowers, resins, etc., there are people who are allergic to some product of nature and do not know it. You should always keep this in mind before applying any natural product, even aloe vera gel.

To do this test, you should only dilute two drops of the essential oil in a teaspoon of cooking oil. Apply with circular movements on the back of your hand and see how your skin responds.

Enjoy it!

* April D. Preatoni is a doctor, phytomedicine student and developer of Dumitié Cosmética, a venture that creates small treasures with extracts of plants, seeds and fruits

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