How to make aloe vera soap without caustic soda

To make aloe vera soap it is not necessary to use caustic soda. Although this component was used a lot of time in the elaboration of this type of products, today there are several alternatives to do without its use. In fact, there are soft formulas that give an "extra" benefit.

Caustic soda can cause side effects on the skin, especially those that have some kind of sensitivity. It is a corrosive ingredient that has been associated with problems like dermatitis, dryness and dandruff In fact, in many companies they have stopped using it.

Why is it better to avoid soaps with caustic soda?

Several presentations of conventional soaps sold in supermarkets contain caustic soda among its components. Although they do not cause side effects in all types of skins, Some people have negative reactions after using them. For what reason?

Caustic soda, also called sodium hydroxide, is an aggressive component that It can cause irritation when it comes in contact with the skin. It is present in soaps and many other beauty products, although in relatively low concentrations.

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However, entities such as The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Advises consumers to avoid all contact between this component and the skin and eyes. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that:

"Skin contact with sodium hydroxide can cause severe burns with deep ulcerations. Pain and irritation are evident in 3 minutes, but contact with diluted solutions may not cause symptoms for several hours. Solutions as weak as 0.12% have been shown to destroy healthy skin cells in an hour. "

Now, in order not to create unnecessary alerts, it is important to make clear that, in the case of soaps and cosmetics, Manufacturers often use safe amounts of caustic soda combined with fat or "extra oil", which prevents the skin from burning accidentally.

As long as the soap making process has been successful and correct, sodium hydroxide will not be dangerous. Despite this, its constant use can affect minor problems of dryness or irritation; If so, it is best to avoid it and look for other options.

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Make aloe vera soap without caustic soda

Do you want to make sure you use a caustic soda-free soap? Then learn to make aloe vera soap with natural ingredients. While there are already commercial presentations free of this component, Making a handmade soap has interesting benefits that are worth taking advantage of.

Being made with aloe vera, this product nourishes the skin and helps prevent signs of sensitivity such as itching and irritation. Its formula is very soft and can be applied even in the most sensitive skin types. In addition, it contains other ingredients that nourish, moisturize and soften the skin.


  • 2 tablets of glycerin soap (250 g).
  • 1 cup of aloe vera gel (200 g).
  • 4 tablespoons of honey (60 g).
  • 5 tablespoons of olive oil (100 ml).
  • Grated lemon or drops of essential oil.

Instructions for making aloe vera soap

  • First, get a container resistant to the heat of the microwave. Then, introduce the glycerin soap bars and put them to melt. It may take around 4 minutes.
  • Later, when the soap is melted, add the tablespoons of honey, lemon zest or drops of essential oil and aloe vera pulp.
  • Besides, heat the olive oil until it is warm. It prevents it from overheating because it can lose its properties.
  • Having done this last, mix all the ingredients with the help of a hand mixer, at low power. In the end, you should get a bright, pleasant-smelling blend.
  • When you get it, pour the contents into several molds for soap or a clean plastic container.
  • To finish, put the soap in the refrigerator for a day, until it solidifies well. If you did it on a large mold, cut several pills for easy use.

Do you dare to make this natural soap at home? As you can see, Making your own aloe vera soap is very simple and will not take much time. In the end, you will have an ideal product to take care of your skin. In addition, you will make sure it does not contain caustic soda. Test it!