How to make a side table?

Side tables are essential in the home because they are very practical and add style. Learn how to make one yourself!

Last update: October 02, 2021

Making a side table is a great idea. It is a functional piece of furniture and adds style to the decoration. These types of tables complement different spaces very well; They allow objects such as vases, books or any other type of decorative element to rest.

In addition, end tables are a great help when making plans, since they give space to have where to put items such as food plates, television controls, glasses and glasses. Likewise, they are easy to move and to manufacture.

Side tables have been around for thousands of years in human life for its great utility; It could be said that it is the first furniture developed by man. There are even biblical passages that date back to 895 BC. who talk about the preparation of the houses and the use of auxiliary tables, according to the book Illustrated history of furniture: from the beginning to the present.

Wood and metal side table

Metal and wood are a combination that never fails. It goes very well with a rustic or industrial style of decoration. In addition, they are materials that preserve well over time, are cheap and can be easily maintained.


The elements to make a wood and metal side table are easy to get. There are multiple finishing options that you must decide yourself according to the style of your home.

For example, you can use natural wood or paint it. The same is true of metal. Here is the list of things you should buy recycling or in a store:

  • A round piece of wood.
  • Medium size plumbing copper pipes.
  • Screws.
  • Steel clamps.
  • Paint or varnish of your preference.
The auxiliary tables can come from the recycling or reuse of materials.

Step by Step

  1. Prepare the wood: The first thing you should do is adapt the piece of wood in such a way that it fits your taste. You can sand it, paint it and give it the shape you like the most. Also, you can use a varnish to protect it.
  2. Create the legs: Copper pipes are a very versatile resource because they can be bent without much effort and get firm shapes. So you can create U-shaped legs with folded ends to glue to the board with the clamps.
  3. Glue the legs to the board: the last step is to securely fasten the legs to the board with the help of the screws and clamps. You must make sure that they are firm and at a good distance from each other.

Wooden and tire side table

Old tires can be a major pollution agent when they are not properly disposed of. Therefore, recycling and reusing used tires is an excellent idea to mitigate their polluting effect and give you a profitable second life at home. Next we will tell you how to make a table with an old tire.


  • Used tire.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Varnish.
  • 2 round pieces of wood of the same diameter as the tire.
  • Painting.
  • Glue for rubber and wood.
  • Screws.

Step by Step

  1. Prepare the tire very well: For the tire to look good, it is essential that you do a deep cleaning that removes any trace of dirt.
  2. Paint the tire: choose the color that best matches your décor and paint the tire. Make sure it is a paint suitable for rubber. If you use it in spray it will be easier to achieve a uniform finish.
  3. List the wood pieces: one will function as a lid and the other as a base. It is convenient to put varnish on the lid.
  4. Screw and glue the legs to the base: use the glue and screws to fix the legs firmly on the base.
  5. Glue the pieces of wood to the tire: Put the glue on the edge of the tire and secure the base and cap tightly. Allow the glue to dry and the pieces are fully set.
Achieving the recycling of tires is a great contribution to the environment.

Other side table ideas

With a little creativity, ingenuity and dedication, many items can be reused to create useful and beautiful objects for the home. In the case of auxiliary tables, it is a simple task, as they do not have much complexity.

You don't need to be a woodworking expert to get good results, like the following:

  • Pallet table: pallet frames don't require much intervention to look good. Wheels can be incorporated to move it easily.
  • Tree trunk: If you want a table with a rustic and natural style, you can take advantage of the base of a log to use it as a side table. If you don't like it for your apartment in the city, it is a perfect option for a country house.
  • Lining a tire: You can do the same process as with the idea of ​​the tire that we explained to you before, but instead of painting the rim, you must cover it with a rope. This will give it a bohemian finish.
  • Reusing an old trunk: the old trunks are very nice and give a touch vintage to home. If you have a trunk that you don't know how to use, you can maintain it and use it as a side table.

Dare to experiment

Now that you know how to make a side table it's time to get down to work and get creative. The benefits of building the furniture yourself in the house are that you can save money and put your personal touch on it. In addition, you can spend a fun time with your family.