How to make a self-reducing massage in the abdomen

Have you ever had a reduction massage in the abdomen? It is a very effective method to stimulate tissue and muscles when you are trying to burn fat in this region, something that is usually very complicated.

If you already apply measures to reduce abdominal fat, such as diet and physical activity on a regular basis, you could consider these reducing massages as a complement.

Next, we tell you all the benefits of these abdominal massages, we teach you how to make your own special oil, and we share the step by step to perform a self-reducing massage.

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Benefits of abdominal reduction massage

  • Dissolve adipose tissues and eliminate fat
  • Improve muscle tone in the area
  • Improve circulation and favor internal organs
  • They enhance the elimination of toxins
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular, lymphatic and digestive systems

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Now that you know what the benefits of abdominal massage are, you just have to start taking advantage of them. You can consider the preparation of a special oil, which will enhance the effects of massage.


– 3 tablespoons of orange essential oil

– 7 tablespoons of almond oil

– 2 tablespoons of grapefruit juice

– A bottle of opaque glass.


Take the bottle and add the essential oil of orange and the oil of almonds. Squeeze half of a grapefruit to extract its juice. Take two tablespoons and add them to the mixture of oils in the jar.

Finally, cover the bottle and shake until the ingredients are mixed homogeneously.

Now that the oil is ready, you already have everything you need for your self-massage.

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If you plan to use the oil, pour a quantity in the palm of one hand and rub with the other, to heat it. Then, it applies to the entire belly. Now, to perform the massage, follow these steps:

– With two hands (one on the other) makes circular movements through the abdomen

– Place your hands on each side of the abdomen and repeat the circular movements

– Make kneading in all regions that accumulate more fat

– Give big pinches with your fingers, trying to grab the fat and take it off

– Now repeat the circular movements throughout the abdomen, but with your knuckles

– With both hands, make movements from top to bottom throughout the abdomen

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These are some of The most common techniques used to massage the abdomen for fat reduction purposes. There are many others, and as you get used to the massage, you can experiment with new movements.

Ideally, perform these massages once a day, with a duration of between 15 to 30 minutes.

Remember that they work as a complement to a healthy diet and life. By themselves, they do not have the power to eliminate fat. Keep it in mind if you plan to incorporate them into your day-to-day life.

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