How to make a red pepper hummus

With the following recipe for red pepper hummus you can increase the consumption of one of the most beneficial vegetables for your health. Although this dish was originally conceived with legumes, many variants have already been made to enjoy different vegetables.

We must bear in mind, before getting fully into the matter, that the intake of fruits and vegetables is recommended in the diet. They are foods that should be eaten daily, as they have micronutrients and antioxidants necessary to ensure good health.

Red pepper benefits

We are going to start by commenting on the benefits of red pepper, so that you understand why it is positive to eat this vegetable product frequently.

Improves immune function

First, It is necessary to highlight the vitamin C content of the vegetable, being its concentration much higher than that of citrus. This nutrient has the ability to improve the functioning of the immune system, according to a study published in Nutrients. At the same time, it stimulates collagen synthesis, which reduces the risk of muscle problems.

Although citrus fruits are always named when we refer to vitamin C, it turns out that red pepper exceeds them in concentration.

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Prevents macular degeneration

In parallel, red pepper has a significant contribution of vitamin A. This element is able to help prevent macular degeneration, which reduces the incidence of visual problems.

This is stated by an investigation published in the magazine Journal of Clinical Medicine. Red and orange foods generally contain large amounts of the nutrient.

Reduce constipation

Finally, we must highlight the fiber content of the red pepper. This element is key to improving digestive health.

In fact, a regular consumption is associated with a reduction in constipation problems, as shown by a study published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics. Likewise, this substance ferments at the intestinal level, favoring the growth of bacteria in the colon.

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Red pepper hummus

Now, we are going to tell you what steps you have to follow to prepare an exquisite red pepper hummus.


  • 300 grams of cooked chickpeas.
  • 1/2 tablespoon of cumin.
  • 5 roasted peppers.
  • 1 tablespoon of tahini.
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.
  • 1 clove garlic.
  • Juice of half a lemon.
  • 1 teaspoon salt.

Step by step for the elaboration

The preparation of red pepper hummus is very simple. First of all you have to make sure that the chickpeas are well cooked. It is best to buy them already canned, to facilitate the process. Otherwise, you will have to soak them overnight and cook them over medium heat for at least an hour.

The peppers should also be tender. You can roast them at home, although it is easier to buy them already packaged to avoid this process. Those of the piquillo are valid, although they will add a touch of different final flavor.

When you have gathered all the ingredients, you have to put them in a powerful chopper blender. Everything is crushed until a homogeneous and dense cream is obtained.

It is key to regulate its texture, so you can add some mineral water to achieve a smoother final result. Keep in mind that it is a spreadable product.

Pour the result into a container and add a small splash of olive oil on top, along with some sprinkled sesame seeds. What's more, Serve with some nachos or rolls to enjoy it to the fullest. You can even make sandwiches with this preparation.

Red bell peppers add vitamin C, vitamin A, and dietary fiber to preparations.

Key points of the recipe

To achieve the best result, it is important to obtain a suitable thickness. The final texture must be consistent, but not excessively dense.

Thus, it is important to cook the chickpeas well and manage the water proportions. The amount of liquid required will depend on several factors related to the level of cooking of the legumes and peppers, so you will have no choice but to try.

If you choose to cook the chickpeas at home, instead of buying them canned, we recommend patience. The slower the cooking, the better the final result.. Of course, if you are in a hurry, you can use a pressure cooker to speed up the process.

Make red pepper hummus

As you have seen, red pepper hummus is a preparation that has a high concentration of nutrients inside. In addition, it is very palatable and almost everyone likes it.

It won't take you long to make it, so we recommend you give it a try. If you are satisfied, keep in mind that there are other possibilities of preparing hummus with plant foods, in order to add more variety to the diet. An example is avocado, with which large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids are obtained.