How to make a homemade hanging pot for your plants?

Plants are an element that you should include in your home, as they bring life and color to spaces. However, it is important to have a place to put them so that they look good. How about making a homemade hanging planter?

You do not require a large amount of materials or experience to create your own pots. Conversely, you can make them with the help of recyclable elements to give them another use.

One of the most outstanding aspects of these elaborations is that they do not require a considerable expenditure of money. With a few materials, you will have your hanging flower pots in any area of ​​your home, whether indoors or outdoors.

How to make your own homemade hanging flowerpot?

Hanging pots can be arranged in varied environments so that the ferns bring their grace to the place.

Making your own homemade hanging planter is the perfect opportunity to unleash your imagination. Find items in your home that you can recycle and get to work.

Necessary materials

  • Recycled containers: glass jars, yogurt cups, plastic containers, etc.
  • Rope or twine: cotton, nylon, hemp.
  • Floors.
  • Sand for drainage of plants.
  • Potting soil.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • 1 hook.

Step by Step

  1. Grab the twine or string and cut it into 8 equal lengths. For reference, you can make them between 60 to 85 centimeters. It all depends on the size of the container.
  2. Knot all the ends of the strings, until you have a large knot in one of the bases.
  3. Lay the strings on a flat surface and divide the 8 you cut into 4 pairs.
  4. Tie each pair 7 centimeters from the base.
  5. Take both ends (right and left) and tie them together to complete the circle.
  6. Keep knotting 5 to 10 centimeters above your first row of knots. Remember that the distances depend on the width of the container.
  7. Continue with the procedure: knot two threads of alternating rows so that your second row of knots consists of the opposite pair of threads.
  8. Do not forget to take the two excess ends and knot them after each row to complete the circle.
  9. Test the size of your homemade hanging planter. To do this, place it on the container you have chosen.
  10. In case you want, you can add extra knots.
  11. Now is the time to start the plantation. To do this, add a layer of sand to the bottom of the container, and then add a layer of potting soil.
  12. Enter the plant you have selected and finish filling with soil.
  13. Insert the container with the plant inside into the hanger. Pull gently vertically.
  14. Make a final knot at the other end of the hanger.
  15. Add a hook so it can be hung wherever you want.

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6 ideas of hanging planters with recycled materials

Once you dare to try it, you will see that making a pot of this type is very simple. You can experiment with all kinds of materials. For example, this is the perfect opportunity to recycle clothes, fabrics or items that you no longer use.

Consequently, we will show you a list with some ideas of planters with recycled materials that maybe you didn't know. In this way, select the model that you like the most or that suits your style to have hanging plants at home.

Reuse cans, fracos and any other material you have at home to create your hanging pots.

1. Planter with an old shirt

This is one of the easiest options to create your own hanging planter, since it incorporates materials that you have at home. The only thing to do is select a shirt that you no longer wear and cut several strips.

From the strips, begin to make knots as in the example explained before and that's it. A good idea is to combine strips of different colors, in order to achieve a much more original design.

2. Hanging planter made of wood and rope

If you have a piece of wood at home, you can easily make a hanging planter. The idea here is use the trunk as a base and support it with a series of ropes so that it can be hung.

Make small holes in different areas of the wood and insert the strings into each one. After that, tie a knot at the bottom. Hang your piece and place the plant of your choice on top with its respective pot.

3. With an embroidery hoop

Another object that you may have at home and have not used it yet is the embroidery hoop. All you have to do is find a repurposed hoop the size you want and get a pot that fits inside.

The idea is that you glue the pot to the ring to prevent it from falling. Once that is done, introduce the plant you want and hang it up. It is a subtle embellishment, but one that certainly makes a difference.

4. Floating planter made from recycled tires

This alternative is one of the most recommended for exteriors. If your patio has lost life or you want to give it a little creativity, try this planter made from recycled tires.

Select that old tire you had forgotten and hang it on a tree. After that, add the plants you want. What's more, you can include an exterior decoration inside the rim to make it look much better.

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5. Hanging disco ball pot

Not everyone has an old disco ball in their house, but if you are one of the lucky ones, you cannot ignore the possibility of creating a hanging planter with this element. Without a doubt, It is a concept that suits those with risky styles.

The procedure consists of dividing the ball into two parts. One of those parts is the one that will serve as a pot, so you must make two holes in the sides to tie the ropes.

When you have put the strings, hang your creation and put inside the type of plant you want. It's a very creative concept and used to install inside or outside your home.

6. With a wooden board

Last but not least, there is the option of a hanging planter made from a long wooden board. If you have such a table at your disposal, you can use it as a hanging garden.

You just have to make a circle in the wood according to the size of the pot of your plant. Then, you have to cut this shape until you have a hole. Using a long wood allows you make different holes and insert a plant in each one.

After that, be sure to drill two holes at the ends to tie the strings to help you hang your creation. At the end, you can place this pot wherever you want.

Get to work

Making a homemade hanging pot for your plants is easier than you might imagine. You only need a little imagination, creativity and patience to carry out unique and original creations.

Collect items that could be useful to you and recycle them. You will see how you enjoy giving them a new use. At the end of the day, it is good for the planet and for the decoration of your home. You sign up?