How to make a cup holder with decorative stones?

Incorporating unique elements in different sections of your home will help you add a more creative touch to your spaces. For this you do not need a large budget or the guidance of professionals. That is why we will teach you how to make a cup holder with decorative stones.

Cup holders or coasters are flat objects made of different materials. They are used to be placed under glasses when serving them, in order to protect furniture or tables from stains or stripes caused by drinks.

They can be created from metal, cardboard, wood, glass, or stones. If you dare to make them with decorative stones, you will get a fresh element with a particular touch that will make it stand out. Learn the step by step!

How to make your own cup holders?

Making a glass holder with decorative stones is a perfect option, regardless of whether your home has a rustic or modern style. Also, something very interesting is that you will be able to expand your creativity and you will be able to create other bases to place more items, such as plates.

As for the realization, it is very simple. As we already indicated, you do not need to be an expert in crafts or have a large number of materials on hand. With a few items, you are ready to design coasters.

Necessary materials

  • Felt or cork to serve as a base.
  • Contact glue.
  • Stones
  • Lacquer or varnish.

With just these 4 materials you can get down to work. Take into consideration that the type of stone depends on the style you want to achieve. Beach, river, country or decorative stones come in various colors and shapes.

Apart from that, you should know that the felt or cork serves as the basis for your creation. Adhere the stones to the material or use it as a guide to organize the pieces as you wish.

The coasters you buy are drab, usually. You can distinguish yourself with a custom decorated one.

Step by Step

  1. Choose the material you want as a base: cork or felt.
  2. Circle on it with the size you want for the cup holder.
  3. Cut out the number of circles you are going to make.
  4. Place the stones on the base until defining where each one will go.
  5. Once they have settled on the arrangement of your preference, start gluing them one by one with the glue contact.
  6. Glue the stones to the base, following the shape you had designed in the previous step.
  7. Repeat for each of the cup holders.
  8. When you have finished, add varnish on top and let it dry.

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Cup holder design ideas

The unexpected elements that are introduced into common areas of the home make all the difference. That's why making your own decorative stone cup holders is a great way to enhance the style of your décor.

In this branch there are many possibilities. In the world there is an immense range of types of stones that will serve you. For example, if you go to craft sites you may get transparent stones that can be used in the creation of the cup holder.

Also, that same material usually comes in different colors. Make a design in which you mix several shades of the same tone. That will make it an exclusive and singular object.

If that type of stone does not convince you at all, on your next trip to the beach or the mountains take a look and pick up the ones you like the most. Ideally, they should be small or medium in size..

They are a way to let your imagination fly and show your style. Also, another suggestion is to combine the decorative stone cup holder with the tablecloths for the dishes. Then apply the same procedure, but focused on creating tablecloths.

In case you want to go further, with the help of decorative stones you have the possibility of designing all kinds of projects in which the use of this material is the protagonist. Objects such as rugs, glasses, candles and glasses can be personalized to your liking.

You can find stones on the beach or in the rivers. Mountains also have various shapes and colors to take advantage of.

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Have fun and get out of the routine with the decorative stone cup holder!

Any type of craft that you are going to do it is the perfect occasion to disconnect from your daily work and responsibilities. Take advantage of these moments to share them as a family and have fun together.

Since it is a safe option and does not require the use of materials that are dangerous, invite the smallest of the home to give you a hand. A good recommendation is to select decorative stones of all kinds and let them make the designs they want.

Of course, you always have to be reviewing what they do so that the final result is effective. Remember that creations can be of all kinds, that is, you will be able to make cup holders, clipboards, pencil holders, small tablecloths for plates, cups and even mirrors.

Your imagination is the limit, so you can resort to the use and incorporation of other materials, such as cork, wood, glitter and many others. Don't forget that the important thing here is to have fun and have a good time.