How to lose weight without going hungry

Surely you have recorded on fire that in a slimming diet you go hungry, that to presume you have to suffer and that daily suffering, anxiety and rebound effect are inevitable. Then write down these simple tips so that from now on going on a diet is not an ordeal and that it is also an effective way to lose weight (and not recover it again).

Stop counting calories

Counting calories will only bring you headaches, anxiety, boredom and a lot of stress so forget about walking counting calories at all times because it is not the most important thing, what matters is where those calories come from, because it is not the same to eat some industrial biscuits than a plate of vegetables or fish with garnish. Try to focus your diet towards healthy foods avoiding excesses of any kind and take a break because counting calories is not the solution to end those extra kilos that worry you.


Eat more healthy fats

Speaking of calories, healthy fats are very caloric but they will help you lose weight. If you follow a ketogenic diet they are essential but in any healthy diet or weight loss they are a very good option to include in your menus. Healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, nuts or salmon are foods that help regulate hormones, provide energy to cells, promote nutrient absorption and help control weight. Consume them in a moderate way but not the demons for having many calories because we have already told you that the important thing about calories is where they come from and healthy fats are essential for the proper functioning of the body.


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Practice intermittent fasting

It is an ancient practice that is more fashionable than ever. Elsa Pataky is a great defender of intermittent fasting as well as many other faces known as Halle Berry or Nicole Kidman, and if you want to emulate them but you have not yet started fasting we tell you that it is a very effective way to reset the organism by letting the cells enter a process called ketogenesis whereby the body begins to pick up energy from burning fat and not glucose. It promotes regeneration and cellular ‘detox’ so that the cells begin to function optimally so that the general state of health improves, in addition to promoting weight loss.

You can start eating in a 12-hour period and make a fast for another 12 hours, if you are a beginner, and increase the time of fasting. The most commonly used method is 16: 8 in which food is consumed in 8 hours a day while fasting 16 hours. You can also do longer fasts but it is not recommended to make them very long because the body would begin to destroy muscle. You can do your intermittent fasting every day or do it two or three times a week.

Elsa Pataky


For the bad thing

Paraphrasing Aitana and Ana Guerra, leave out of your diet ‘the bad’, everything that does you no good as the ultraprocessed, sugar or refined flours that cause your blood glucose levels to rise causing insulin spikes. Insulin is released to eliminate that excess sugar that ends up being stored in the form of fat, that is, you will increase in size.

If you stop taking simple carbohydrates such as industrial pastries, sugary drinks, refined flour and sweets, you already have a lot of cattle in the battle against the extra kilos, you will keep your blood sugar levels stable, you will reduce your anxiety to eat and you can control your weight more easily.


Bet on real food

The real food or the one that you clearly see what it is and that has not gone through many industrial processes to reach your shopping cart, such as fruits, vegetables, meat or fish, It is the best option to propose a healthy diet in which you lose weight almost without realizing it because you are going to eat (and much) in your menus. Fish with sautéed vegetables, a mushroom omelette accompanied with avocado, grilled chicken with a tomato, mango and arugula salad … you have countless combinations to not get bored and to eat very well every day without passing a hunger.

You will save empty calories, you will have a greater nutritional contribution in your dishes, you will keep your blood glucose levels stable, you will lose weight and your health in general will thank you. Do the test.


Slimming does not have to be a martyrdom, you can lose weight by eating, and eating well, you just have to know when to do it and which are the best allies for your menus. Having to go hungry to lose weight, fortunately, has already gone down in history.

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