How to lose weight and eliminate abdominal fat when physical exercise is not enough

You eat healthy, you exercise and you comply with the whole theory, which you surely know very well. Still, you do not get lose that abdominal fat so uncomfortable and unattractive. Is related to our metabolism, of course, that slows down with age, and also with genetics. And the endocrinologists also talk about another, perhaps less known factor: the hormones.

According to the doctor Rocío Salas, which regularly participates in 'Pop Sugar', hormonal belly fat is associated and can be confused with the visceral (that is, one that adheres to internal organs, such as the liver or pancreas and that is associated with different health problems, increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes).

Menopause or polycystic ovary syndrome can lead to weight gain, even if you exercise and eat a balanced diet

However, if you are a woman, you may be going through menopause, which produces a decrease in estrogen and can lead to increased abdominal fat. Or maybe you suffer the syndrome of polycystic ovary: a disease in which you present very high levels of hormones and its symptoms range from menstrual irregularities to infertility, acne problems or hair growth.

Why is it possible to get fat if you're afflicted with this evil? Because of your sensitivity to the fluctuations of estrogen, progesterone or other hormones has much to say in the way the body burns and stores fat. When cortisol (stress hormone) rises, this can lead to a weight gain.

First of all, how can you tell if this weight gain has anything to do with the hormones? According to the doctor, the key is the following: although you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you do not stop getting fat. That's when, according to her, you should go to an endocrinologist. Men are more fortunate because they do not have as many hormonal fluctuations, but even so they can also gain weight when they go through andropause, then their testosterone levels they diminish.

What will interest you most is knowing how you can reduce that gutNow that summer is here. First of all you should know that losing abdominal fat is very complicated, but there are a number of tricks that probably take effect. Once you are clear, after have spoken with your endocrine, that the problem is hormonal, follow these tips.

Choose healthy fats

They help to increase insulin absorption naturally and also to reduce the belly, and also these healthy fats They will help you balance those mismatched levels. Choose the avocado, which combines everything, nuts and blue fish (salmon, sardines, tuna).

Also the rich in water

Now that summer arrives, besides, it will not cost you anything. They have a satisfying effect and so, if you are thirsty, you can forget about sugary drinks (they are prohibited) and choose them instead. Cucumber, celery, tomato, watermelon, strawberries … there is a lot to choose. Of course, also add vegetables to your diet.

And protein

Yes, although it may not seem like it, when you add them to your diet you eat less calories and also contribute to your increment muscle mass (and activate the metabolism). Eggs, poultry, tofu, legumes …

Also keep in mind that menopause It is a natural process of the body when it ages, and with age, irremediably, the metabolism slows down. But if you try to reduce stress, you eat healthy, you exercise and you do not see any results or, worse, notes that you keep getting fat, get in touch with the doctor to avoid any kind of doubt about it.